These allergy-relief suckers help you feel better without chemicals

Do you suffer from year-round or seasonal allergies? Long-lasting relief could come in the form of a lollipop with AllerPops. These helpful candies contain an oral probiotic solution developed by a doctor that restores the healthy balance of bacteria in your mouth. Keep reading this blog post to find out more.

These allergy-relief suckers help you feel better without chemicals
AllerPops allergy-relief lollipops with on a counter

Enjoy your time outdoors without a runny nose or watery eyes after you try the AllerPops allergy-relief lollipops. These allergy-relief suckers provide easy, chemical-free relief thanks to an oral probiotic solution that comes in the form of candy. If you take allergy medication but you can’t smell your cooking due to clogged sinuses, it might be time to change your treatment. And it could be a remedy that’s as easy as eating a piece of candy.

The AllerPops’ founder, Dr. Cliff Han, has 28 years of research experience in genetics, genomics, and microbiome. After three years of his own allergy suffering and research, he identified two bacteria causing his allergies. He determined that he had an oral probiotic deficiency and developed this oral probiotic solution. According to the company’s WeFunder page, after eating just two pieces of this health product, his probiotics were reinforced. And best of all, his life returned to normal. So these allergy-relief suckers seem like quite a game-changer when it comes to helping allergy sufferers.

How does this oral probiotic solution work?

Dr. Han determined that the cause of his allergies was actually an oral probiotic deficiency. You can read more about his discovery on the company’s website. Overall, he found that allergies worsen if you don’t have enough beneficial bacteria in your mouth. So he created these lollipops. They contain the bacteria your mouth needs to calm the immune system’s response and prevent troublesome attacks. Can you imagine breathing clearly after just eating a piece of candy? If your allergies keep getting worse, these allergy-relief suckers could be for you.

These allergy-relief suckers help you feel better without chemicals
AllerPops allergy-relief candies in packaging

How long does the relief last?

After Dr. Han first took his probiotic mix, he experienced relief that lasted for the rest of the season. And he didn’t use other medications or another dose of his product afterward. According to the AllerPops‘ Wefunder page, people can expect an alleviation of their symptoms. Furthermore, it can last from months to years and even result in a slowdown in the progression of allergies. The lollipops can also lower your risk of developing autoimmune diseases. So with this health product, you might just be able to enjoy the great outdoors again.

These allergy-relief suckers help you feel better without chemicals
AllerPops allergy-relief lollipops on a statue

Are these allergy-relief candies made from all-natural ingredients?

Yes, these allergy relief-suckers are made from all-natural, FDA-approved food ingredients. They include sugar, sugar syrup, honey, high maltose corn syrup, trehalose, lactose, arginine, calcium lactate, cocoa powder, and more. So if you’re tired of taking chemical-based allergy medications that leave you drowsy for most of the day, these allergy-relief lollipops could help. And who knew the solution could be so simple?

These allergy-relief suckers help you feel better without chemicals
AllerPops allergy-relief lollipops in the snow

What allergy symptoms do these allergy-relief candies help?

AllerPops relieve several common allergy symptoms. The company’s data shows that 94.5% of users have reported relief from nasal congestion, 89.5% from nasal discharge or sneezing, 86% from watery/red eyes, 81.3% from headaches, and 80% from sore throat. Those numbers are quite impressive and surely give over-the-counter allergy pills some healthy competition. Meanwhile, high percentages of users have also reported relief from wheezing/asthma, coughing, eczema, and arthritis/muscle aches.

These allergy-relief suckers help you feel better without chemicals
AllerPops oral probiotic solution for allergies on a coffee table

Will this product undergo clinical trials?

AllerPops are scheduled for a clinical trial in the first half of 2021, and their feasibility study is nearly complete. The clinical trial will produce a peer-reviewed publication and an FDA application. So these allergy-relief lollipops are well on their way to being backed by the scientific community. In fact, this product could revolutionize how we treat allergies. It could also add weight behind the movement for the awareness of probiotics in the airway and mouth.

AllerPops allergy-relief lollipops in a video

Finally, for the 50 million people who suffer from allergies each year, AllerPops are literally a breath of relief. These allergy-relief suckers boast a probiotic solution that restores the beneficial bacteria in your mouth. It helps calm your body’s reaction to harmless substances. This means that you may not have to rely on chemical-based drugs just for short-term relief. Also, these candies could slow down your allergies’ progression and lower your risk of developing autoimmune disorders. Overall, this is a great product that could change allergy sufferers’ lives and finally let them enjoy their gardens again.

Overall, you can invest in the AllerPops allergy-relief lollipops for $100 on the company’s Wefunderpage. Do you suffer from seasonal or year-round allergies? Tell us in the comment section if you have any experience with probiotic allergy relief.

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