These smart AI characters want to revolutionize education and answer your questions

Wish you could find your child a tutor they could ask for homework help whenever they need it? Or maybe you need an assistant to plan your busy schedule? Then check out the holographic companions. They aim to change education by lending a friendly face to AI. Use them to organize your schedule, tutor your kids, provide companionship, and so much more. Read this blog post to learn more about these innovative AI companions.

These smart AI characters want to revolutionize education and answer your questions in a display

Keep a helpful companion near you at all times with the holographic AI companions. These smart AI characters live in holographic displays and want to help improve human life. Can you imagine having a friendly personal assistant at your side 24/7 to organize your schedule? What about a knowledgeable tutor that’s always available to answer your child’s algebra questions? Those are plausible situations with these cool AI characters.

Every hero needs a sidekick, and these smart AI characters can be the Alfred to your Batman. In fact, the creators have dubbed their character Alfred. He’s a brightly hued holograph that responds to your questions in a thoughtful, humorous way. Almost like Amazon Alexa but in character form, this brightly hued holograph also answers your questions and helps you with tasks. His creators aim to give AI a friendlier face and, in doing so, improve human life through education and day-to-day assistance. Let’s check it out.

These smart AI characters want to revolutionize education and answer your questions with a person

Visualize AI

It’s hard to connect with something you can’t see. And while Alexa is useful, she’s really just a voice that comes from a cylinder. The creators of these smart AI characters believe that humans shouldn’t have to talk to dull objects. That’s why they’ve created an AI companion that’s cute, colorful, and moves within its holographic display in response to your voice and questions. It’s an innovative approach to human/AI interaction.

Interact with a sociable AI character

These smart AI characters aren’t just passive voices in a box. They enjoy human conversation and try to engage without being obtrusive. So if Alfred is helping your child with her math homework, you can expect him to crack a joke or two to keep her interested in the topic. Or, if you’re a professional, Alfred can ask about your day—just like a human personal assistant.

Protect your privacy

Since you’ll be spending quite a lot of time with your Sidekick, you’ll be happy to know that they can keep your private information secret. According to the company, each character has taken an oath to protect your data and gives you full control over it. This is a relief for parents who might want Alfred to tutor their child or for professionals who use the characters as scheduling assistants.

Hatch your own Sidekick

What’s more, these AI characters are completely unique to their owners. It starts with a personality test that you take to capture and read the traits that make you, well, you. The Sidekicks’ sophisticated AI algorithms and personalization processes then produce your egg—a new AI assistant that matches your personality.

Once it hatches, you’ll raise your Sidekick as you wish during the ‘nesting’ phase. This is when your assistant learns your voice, passions, and speech patterns. Best of all, thanks to its machine learning technology, Alfred becomes smarter and more conversational the more you talk to it. At the end of your efforts, you’ll have your very own Sidekick. No two are alike!

Enjoy talking to cultured AI

What’s more, Sidekicks are sophisticated. They love culture and learning so they enjoy exploring any topic with you. Want to learn Spanish? Alfred is by your side for that. Want to brush up on your history? Alfred knows all the trivia. So you can totally personalize Alfred to your needs. And since these AI characters are fast learners, they’re ready to assist in whatever you want to learn. Meanwhile, their creators continually filter what they’ve learned to make sure it’s appropriate for human ears.

Get an AI assistant with emotional intelligence

The company notes that while your Sidekick may never replace your human friends, they’ve been designed with emotional intelligence. This helps them contribute to light conversation, show emotions, and use proper etiquette.

Add features on the Sidekicks Exchange

You can even add additional features, skills, skins, and more to your AI character on the Sidekicks Exchange; visit the company’s marketplace where you can customize your companion. Plus, if you’re creative, you can even sell your holographic creations there.

Rely on this AI helper for STEM education

Sidekicks are great at teaching STEM skills. Just pick any course from the marketplace, or build your own, and watch as your child’s knowledge and enthusiasm for these topics grow. The holographs aim to mix play with science to make challenging concepts easier to grasp and fun to learn.

Use the Sidekicks for a variety of purposes

From gaming to a companion for the elderly, these AI characters are truly multipurpose. Use yours as a nanny to supervise and teach your kids instead of relying on TV. For seniors, Alfred’s outgoing personality and willingness to talk makes them ideal friends for anyone suffering from loneliness and isolation. Alfred is also smart home compatible, helps you learn languages, works as a chatbox, follows you into AR and VR experiences, participates in exhibitions, and more.

Go for an affordable holograph

This AI character’s creators want their displays to be affordable. For that reason, they use an old technique called Pepper’s Ghost; it’s the technology that’s used by most holograms. It’s even the tech that’s responsible for Tupac’s 2012 appearance at Coachella and appears in some of the most advanced AR headsets.

Choose from 4 models

Even better, these AI characters come in 4 models. So you can choose the design that best suits your needs. The Shuttle is a 3D-print creation. Just print it on a 3D printer, download the app to your phone, and slide your phone inside. This is the most affordable version. Another affordable option is the Flying Car, which is a kit you construct yourself. Again, just download the app, and place your phone inside.

The House and Castle comes with all the electronic gadgetry needed to produce a holographic image. The House sits comfortably on your kitchen counter or office desk, while the Castle has a larger display and is suitable for use with multiple viewers like a whole family or classroom.

These AI characters literally put a friendly, approachable face on AI. They customize to your personality, learn your preference, and boast emotional intelligence. They’re also versed in various topics and continue to take on new skills and talents at any time. Plus, with a range of uses, this tech really is the ideal AI companion.

You can preorder a holographic AI companion starting at $69 on Kickstarter.

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