This intelligent safe protects your valuables in real time thanks to its cameras

Want to make sure your precious items are safe when you're not around? Then check out The Space Safe 2. This smart safe features both interior and exterior cameras that notify you about intrusions. It's a fantastic way to ensure you always know who's been near your valuables. Keep reading to learn more about this personal safe for the tech age.

This intelligent safe protects your valuables in real time thanks to its cameras
The Space Safe 2 indoors

Protect your jewelry, important documents, cash, and more with The Space Safe 2 smart safe. This intelligent safe has an interior camera and a 1,080p HD camera on the outside. That way, you see exactly who’s accessing your valuables the moment they get near them. Best of all, the 2-way talk feature lets you frighten away potential thieves.

Your diamond ring, luxury watches, passports, and social security cards are valuable items that need protection. Yet a traditional safe has one downfall: you might not know it’s been tampered with for days or weeks after a robbery. And if you want to share access to it with someone in your family, you have to divulge your PIN. The Space Safe 2, however, keeps you constantly connected to your safe via your smartphone. Moreover, the cameras show you everyone who comes close to your stuff.

This intelligent safe protects your valuables in real time thanks to its cameras The Space Safe 2 smart safe
The Space Safe 2 indoors

Access your valuables with the LCD display and door

While the Space Safe 2 provides a useful feature to your home, its design is sleek and discrete. The tempered glass door blends in with your closet and is actually a beautiful 10″ HD display where you can enter your PIN, view the activity log, scan your fingerprint, and more.

The Space Safe 2 in a video

Get updates from The Space app

What’s more, when you connect this intelligent safe to Wi-Fi, it sends up-to-date information and alerts through The Space app. So if the safe detects a strong force and locks down, you receive a message about the motion and the action taken right on your phone. Or if the safe has lost power and switches to the battery, you’ll know about that, too. Virtually anything that happens to this safe won’t escape you.

See who’s opening this smart safe with the cameras

The Space Safe 2’s most unique features are its interior and exterior cameras. When you connect them to Wi-Fi, they show you just who’s on the outside and what they want to remove. That way, you can see if it’s just your spouse looking for her passport or someone less welcome.

Give access to up to 4 users or temporary guests

Gone are the days of sharing your PIN with other people. With The Space Safe 2, you can give access to up to 4 users per safe. Each person gets their own PIN code and scans their fingerprints to access the safe. And if you’d like to share access to temporary guests, you can do that, too. It’s ideal if you have guests or temporary residents when you’re not around.

Detect tampering with the accelerometers

This intelligent safe is also equipped with accelerometer sensors. If they detect any movement or someone trying to open the safe, they’ll notify you via the app. They also put your safe in lockdown mode to make it more difficult for thieves to open. The notification lets you easily access the live stream footage. So this is a pretty informative smart home gadget.

Open this high-tech safe with your fingerprint

If you’re not the best at remembering series of numbers, don’t worry. You can also unlock The Space Safe 2 with your fingerprint. The 508 dpi, 192 x 192-pixel advanced-capacitive sensor lets you unlock the safe at any angle and recognizes multiple fingerprints. After it reads your biometric data, you get instant access to the safe.

Recharge the battery and any devices you’re storing

Another useful feature of this intelligent safe is its rechargeable battery. Just plug in the discreet USB-C power adapter to any active outlet. If the power goes out, the safe switches to the hidden backup battery. That way, your safe will always be secure. What’s more, 2 inner USB ports can charge any devices you plan on storing. So if you want to keep your tablet safe while you lounge in front of the pool, you can do so while keeping it at 100%.

Stay informed about temperature, humidity, and updates

Temperature and humidity sensors also inform you about the air around the safe. This helps keep your valuables in optimal condition. Moreover, periodic software updates give you the newest features and most current tech upgrades. So you won’t have to worry about this safe becoming obsolete any time soon.

Breathe easier with 256 AES-bit encryption

You can sleep well at night, knowing thieves won’t be able to hack into The Space Safe 2. Its 256-bit key has many, many possible combinations. This means it’s pretty much unbreakable by current computing capabilities, and it’s what makes it the strongest encryption standard available. According to the company’s Kickstarter page, it would take a supercomputer over a million years to crack the combination. That’s a pretty secure standard.

Automate your Airbnb process

Do you run an Airbnb? The Space Safe 2 makes the operation easier with its dedicated Airbnb Mode. Its self-check-in feature doesn’t require physical contact and gives your guests flexibility when staying at a property. Meanwhile, owners can only access the safe when guests are not yet checked in. And if you’ve got multiple safes, you can track them all in one place on the app.

Securing your valuables with The Space Safe 2 is a smart thing to do. This high-tech safe lets you see who’s opening your safe right as they’re doing it. The gadget also provides real-time status notifications and automatically locks down if it detects suspicious movement. You have a smart doorbell, so why not a smart safe? This is a helpful gadget that will help you feel more confident about the precious items you have at home.

The Space Safe 2 smart safe typically costs $599. You can preorder it on Kickstarter for $429. What smart home security gadgets do you love? Let us know about your recommendations in the comments.

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