This moisture-wicking bedding is 200 times stronger than steel

Meet the all-season bedsheets that eliminate night sweats, odors, and ripping thanks to their unique material.

This moisture-wicking bedding is 200 times stronger than steel
EDASI all-season BioGraphene sheets

The average person spends 26 years of their life asleep, which is a large portion of their lifetime on sheets. So, while purchasing moisture-wicking bedding must seem like a luxury, it’s actually an investment in your well-being. Getting a bad night’s sleep can affect all parts of your life—relationships, diet, productivity, happiness, and more. Upgrading your bedding, which is a simple act, could potentially be life-changing.

Introducing EDASI—all-season bedding that uses BioGraphene for a restful night’s sleep. This bedding has all the qualities you could want: no color fades, rip resistance, softness, breathability, and the list goes on. Discover all of EDASI’s wonderful traits in today’s blog.

This moisture-wicking bedding is 200 times stronger than steel
EDASI on the bed with a couple

Eliminates odor-causing bacteria

Engineered with BioGraphene, this moisture-wicking bedding eliminates odors caused by bacteria. According to the company’s Kickstarter page, an unwashed pillowcase can accumulate 17,442 times more bacteria than a toilet seat in just one week.

However, EDASI stops germs and denatures them on contact. It also eliminates germs that create odor, so you can enjoy fresh bedding every night. And we all know that wonderful sensation of getting into fresh sheets at the end of a day.

This moisture-wicking bedding is 200 times stronger than steel
EDASI up close

Repels dust mites

You assume that your bed is a safe space. But, according to the company’s Kickstarter page, we shed around 15 million dead skin cells every night. And dust mites feast on this. While that information might make you squeamish, dust allergies can also contribute to breathing difficulties, a runny and itchy nose, sneezing, and nasal congestion.

Furthermore, if you allow your furry friend to sleep on the bed, they could be attracting additional dust mites on your sheets. Fortunately, this moisture-wicking bedding provides an unlivable environment for dust mites to repel them from the beginning. Most importantly, this technology keeps them away. So that means yay for pets on the bed!

This moisture-wicking bedding is 200 times stronger than steel
A dog on the EDASI bedding

Reduces night sweats

While some people might have two separate bedsheets for summer and winter, that’s not practical if you don’t have the storage space. Nor is it a cost-effective option, and it doesn’t guarantee that your thinner bedding will eliminate night sweats.

However, the EDASI bedding works to personalize climate control and allow heat to dissipate, thus cooling you down. But that doesn’t mean that these bedsheets are only suitable for hot sleepers. In fact, EDASI sheets work with your body temperature to retain heat, if necessary, helping you drift off quicker and stay asleep for longer.

This moisture-wicking bedding is 200 times stronger than steel
A couple on the EDASI moisture-wicking bedsheets

Doesn’t slip or move

Earlier, we touched on this bedsheet set’s durability and strength, and its sturdy fabric is highly beneficial when it comes to changing your bedding. Designed with antislip elastic corner straps and a silicone gripper on the underside, these sheets don’t need to be adjusted when you wake up in the morning. And you won’t have to endure an uneven surface because these sheets stay firmly in position.

Plus, with no worries of slipping, you can rotate your sleeping position without the sheets coming loose, which we all know is a big irritation when you’re trying to sleep.

Additionally, this bedding boasts Permanent No Color Fade technology to keep the sheets looking like new year after year. That means that the color won’t run and contaminate wastewater streams.

This moisture-wicking bedding is 200 times stronger than steel
A man and a woman making the bed

Prioritizes your health

If you’re not convinced that this bedding is for you, here’s something that might change your mind: the EDASI bedding can actually help you feel more energized in the morning. So, without doing anything other than upgrading your bedsheets, you can feel more refreshed when you wake and ready to conquer the day.

The science behind this benefit is mind-blowing. BioGraphene releases far infrared rays—a type of energy that helps you feel less fatigued and allows your body to recover faster.

Additionally, this bedding provides UVA and UVB protection, and we all know how harmful the sun’s effects can be on the skin. In fact, anything that comes in close contact with your skin should be nonirritating and designed to protect your skin’s health. That’s just another reason why you can rely on EDASI to prioritize your well-being.

Overall, the EDASI bedsheets have all the qualities you could want to help you sleep better. They’re odor resistant, antibacterial, moisture wicking, and more—what isn’t there to love about this bedding? Preorder your bedsheets from Kickstarter for a reduced price of $165.

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