This multiuse knife boasts one-handed deployment and a curved blade

No EDC collection is complete without a good knife. And the Folding Karambit is a great one that you can use in a variety of situations.

This multiuse knife boasts one-handed deployment and a curved blade
Folding Karambit with a flashlight

Add a unique yet practical knife to your EDC with the Folding Karambit multiuse knife. This multipurpose knife has a compact form that’s easy to carry in your pocket. And its curved blade imitates a tiger’s claw, delivering precise cuts for a range of tasks as well as self-defense.

Want to add a knife to your EDC collection? A good compact one can help you out in a pinch. And the Folding Karambit multiuse knife does just that. Boasting a slew of great features like full one-handed deployment, a safety ring, and a lethal blade, the knife is the companion you want by your side. Let’s see why you should carry it every day.

A karambit knife features a unique, curved blade

According to the company’s website, the karambit knife has quite a history. It originated in Indonesia during the 11th century as a farming tool. Because of Indonesia’s robust trade industry, the knife quickly spread around Southeast Asia. Wherever you find one, it’ll always have an arching blade for greater functionality.

In fact, just like a tiger’s claw, this shape allows more precise tearing, hooking, ripping, and slicing. It’s a great tool to have on hand for trimming branches at your wilderness campsite, cutting a rope while sailing, or just being prepared for what life throws at you.

Folding Karambit in a video

The safety ring keeps this knife in your hand

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about this knife slipping out of your hand during use. That’s thanks to its integrated safety ring, a feature you’ll find on all karambit knives. The ring is located at the bottom of the handle. Just place a finger inside it and close your hand around the handle. Then, the knife won’t slide through your hand if you’re working at an odd angle.

Plus, if you need to use this knife to defend yourself, the safety ring ensures you have a strong grip in any condition. In fact, the safety ring makes the knife particularly difficult for another person to grab or turn against you. Also, no matter your hand’s position, the ring keeps the knife at an ideal angle.

Folding Karambit on a camouflage fabric

This weapon is battle-tested

The company also writes that this multipurpose knife is superior for self-defense and has a long history of use as a weapon. That’s not a surprise considering the knife’s damaging curvature. What’s more, the small form factor allows you to keep it close to your body for maximum control and concealment.

The Emerson Wave makes deployment effortless

Even better, you won’t have to struggle to open this knife. Thanks to the Emerson Wave deployment mechanism, it opens with just one hand. The Emerson Wave is one of the most effective opening options in the knife industry, so you can be sure that it’s ready the moment you need it.

The ergonomic handle is easy to hold

Have you ever noticed how awkward your kitchen knives feel in your hand? That’s because they aren’t designed for all-the-time use, just the few minutes you need to chop ingredients.

But, of course, the Folding Karambit is different. Since it’s designed for frequent use and self-defense, it has a handle that fits easily into your hand for a comfortable grip. That way, you won’t mind holding it for long periods of time.

A strong edge makes this karambit knife reliable

Another thing you won’t have to worry about is this knife’s blade giving out on you. The edge stays durable and consistent, which means it’s highly receptive to sharpening. So you won’t have any trouble keeping the Folding Karambit in pristine condition. Even better, thanks to the enhanced edge retention, you won’t have to sharpen it that often, either.

This corrosion-resistant EDC knife stays in top condition

Whereas other knives, like pocket knives, are sensitive to humidity and contact with water, you won’t have that problem with this multipurpose knife. That’s due to its corrosion resistance. So, go ahead, use this knife in locations that experience high humidity or even underwater on your fishing trip. Contact with moisture won’t bother it.

The folding feature is so convenient

The Folding Karambit’s most useful feature is, of course, its folding ability. This keeps the knife safe and easy to carry in a front or back pocket since the blade stays covered. And, since folding makes the knife smaller, it’s easier to conceal. No one would know that you’re holding a knife in your coat pocket with this one.

Its curved design looks so sleek

Appearance is important, especially when it comes to the things you carry every day. Luckily, the Folding Karambit doesn’t disappoint. This knife looks great with its sleek, curved design; it’s a tool you’ll be proud to show off.

The Folding Karambit multiuse knife is a great choice for an EDC knife. It’s got a lovely, old-world design and fits compactly in your pocket. But, most of all, it comes in handy when you need it. From cutting and whittling branches to the destructive force you need for defense, this knife rises to the occasion. Gift it to yourself or someone you love.

The Folding Karambit multiuse knife starts at $9.99 on the official website. Do you own any EDC gadgets you can’t imagine not having with you? Let us know about them in the comments.

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