13 Travel tech and gadgets for every adventure

While many people are happy to relax by the hotel pool, some of us prefer something a little more daring. Here’s the travel tech you need to pack for every adventure this year — from road trips to camping weekends in the wild.

13 Travel tech and gadgets for every adventure
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When the sun is shining, even the most cautious urbanite can be lured into the great outdoors. Now is the perfect time to go exploring and camp in the woods with friends. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to take this essential travel tech on every adventure.

Camping essentials

There’s nothing quite like spending a night under canvas and waking up to birdsong. If you love camping, this travel tech will float your boat:

BioLite SiteLight XL Portable Light

This folding lantern offers 300 lumens of diffused light — perfect for illuminating the area around your tent. It can run off any USB power supply, and it folds down small for storage.

Price: $29.95 USD

Leatherman Signal 19-Use Emergency Multi-Tool

With a three-inch removable blade, the Signal multi-tool is great for preparing food and doing jobs around your campsite. It also works as a firestarter, a hammer, a driver, and an emergency whistle.

Price: $119.95 USD

Nite Ize RunOff Waterproof Travel Bags

When heavy rain starts falling, keeping your stuff dry can be difficult. Nite Ize RunOff bags are completely watertight, providing safe sanctuary for your devices.

Price: $29.99 USD

Airmeup Outdoor Inflatable Mattress

Unlike most air mattresses, Airmeup doesn’t require a pump. Instead, you catch some air with the supplied pump bag and then squeeze the air into your mattress — genius.

Price: $42.57 USD

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Road trip must-haves

If you can’t decide on a single destination, why not see many places in one trip? These road-trip essentials will make the journey even better:

Drive Reach by weBoost Vehicle Cell Signal Booster Kit

If you are headed for the hills, this device will help you get cell signal. Drive Reach provides 29.5 dBm of uplink output, meaning you can make calls and get online on the road.

Price: $499.99 USD

VEZO 360 4K 360-Degree Smart Dash Cam

Dash cams are usually used for safety purposes. But VEZO 360 also lets you capture your travels at 4K resolution. In addition, this camera can recognize when you’re getting too tired to drive.

Price: $179 USD

Inflatable Car Travel Mattress

Designed specifically for the back seat, this travel mattress makes sleeping in a standard saloon much more comfortable. It comes with a built-in pillow and an electric 12V pump that is powered by your car.

Price: $99.99 USD

Camperbox Car Travel Kit

If you’re a more committed road tripper, consider investing in Camperbox. This folding frame provides a solid platform for a mattress in the back of your car, with space underneath for luggage.

Price: $273.21 USD

RinseKit LUX Soft Tote Portable Shower

If you’re sleeping in your vehicle, RinseKit LUX will help you get clean every morning. You can attach a heater for a warm shower, and the water comes out under pressure.

Price: $149.95 USD

Going off grid

If you’re going to venture far from civilization, it’s a good idea to have some form of backup power and communication. Here are some great examples:

Roamproof PWR27 Traveling Power Station

The PWR27 is one tough battery. It’s waterproof and dust-proof, and able to withstand a fall of 1000 feet. You get 27,000 mAh to play with, and the built-in solar cell provides some extra charge when you’re on the road.

Price: $199 USD

Goal Zero Boulder 50 Watt Solar Panel

If you are expecting to be in the wilderness for some time, take this solar panel along. The mono-crystalline solar cells can provide up to 50 watts on a sunny day, and the panel folds up for storage.

Price: $149.95 USD

LaCie Rugged Mini Portable Hard Drive

When you don’t have access to the Internet, this LaCie hard drive will allow you to back up your photos. The tough shell can withstand water and dust, while USB 3.0 connectivity offers fast-fill transfers.

Price: $74.94 USD

Garmin Overlander Off Road GPS

Satnav is great on the road. But what about when you drive into the wilderness? The Garmin Overlander is loaded with topographic data, meaning you can easily navigate off the highway.

Price: $699.99

Travel tech for every adventure

What adventures do you have planned for the remainder of this year? What travel tech will you be packing? Share your plans in the comments!

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