UGREEN Nexode 100W review: this GaN desktop charging station delivers 100W max output

Experience faster, more efficient charging with the UGREEN Nexode 100W GaN Charger. This compact cuboid GaN charger takes your device charging to a whole new level!"

UGREEN Nexode 100W review: this GaN desktop charging station delivers 100W max output
UGREEN Nexode 100W delivers original MagSafe 15W charging

Supercharge your workstation with the UGREEN Nexode 100W GaN desktop charging station. This USB-C charger delivers 15W, just like the original MagSafe charger. And it supports 100W max. output from a single port.

As someone who spends most of her day working from different devices, I rely on my chargers to keep my workflow going, and I’m sure you do, too.

So I’m always excited when I come across a newer, better charger—which happens pretty often due to the astounding speed of change in the technology.

And one of my current favorites is the UGREEN Nexode 100W. It boasts original MagSafe 15W charging, so it suits the iPhone 12 to iPhone 15 series. It also has a 100W max. output at a single port and serves as a 4-in-1 charging station.

Ready to elevate your workspace’s charging game? I know I am. So follow me as I dive into this new charger’s best features.

UGREEN Nexode 100W charger product video

Power your iPhone with MagSafe 15W charging

You know how vital reliable charging is, especially for iPhone aficionados. The Nexode MagSafe Charger hits the sweet spot, giving you the robust 15W charging of the original Apple MagSafe charger.

It’s a lifeline when you’re working on your iPhone 14, caught up in a flurry of emails, and your battery’s dwindling. You have the familiar panic until you plug your phone into the UGREEN Nexode 100W, and voilà!

In just a short amount of time, your iPhone 15 is up and running at full speed, thanks to this GaN desktop charging station.

UGREEN Nexode 100W with magnetic plate

Get faster charging at your workspace

Let’s talk speed. The UGREEN Nexode 100W means business when it comes to charging your heavy-duty gadgets, too. That’s why it offers a whooping 100W output from a single USB-C port.

It’s a feature that’s ideal when you’re on a creative streak, editing videos on your MacBook Pro M2, and the battery’s on-life support. But, in just 30 minutes, the UGREEN Nexode 100W charges it from a flat 0% to a whopping 51%.

It’s not just charging; it’s turbocharging! If you’re someone who regularly works on resource-heavy tasks like video editing and software development, having such rapid charging capabilities can save you from long waits and interruptions.

UGREEN Nexode 100W with a smartphone

Install a 4-in-1 charging station on your desk

I’m sure a large part of your workday is spent multitasking like a pro. The UGREEN Nexode 100W is your ideal companion. Because it isn’t your run-of-the-mill charger; it’s a multitasking hero.

How, you ask? With 2 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port, it charges your MacBook Pro as well as your iPhone 12, iPad, and Apple Watch, all at the same time. The flexibility and convenience are unmatched.

For example, during a busy day, you can charge your MacBook Pro M2, iPhone 13, and iPad simultaneously. This GaN desktop charging station quite literally brings power to your desk, which is exactly what you need to blast through your workday.

UGREEN Nexode 100W side view

Work in comfort with the adjustable magnetic plate

Now, for my favorite feature: the magnetic plate. This feature allows me to adjust my phone to a comfortable viewing angle—up to 65°—while it charges. It’s a convenient, user-friendly feature that improves the comfort of my setup all day long.

What’s more, it’s great for when I’m on a video call and need to reference some documents on my smartphone. I simply adjust the angle, and the phone stays put due to its strong magnetic connection. Plus, the 360° rotation capability ensures I can watch videos or join meetings without worrying about the phone slipping while it’s charging.

UGREEN Nexode 100W with a phone and case

Charge safely with the GaN technology

Nothing’s more important than safety while charging. Thankfully, the UGREEN Nexode 100W brings some serious tech muscle to ensure the safety of your devices. Due to its innovative GaN II technology, the charger’s efficiency is through the roof.

This means not only a more compact design but also superior heat management. So you can expect significantly less heat generation even during prolonged charging sessions. This indicates better efficiency and a cooler charging experience.

Meanwhile, the Thermal Guard System measures the temperature 800 times per second, offering superior protection from short-circuiting as the Power Dispenser System modifies the power output to safeguard the device’s batteries.

Because, of course, you want to keep your gadgets running as smoothly as possible, for as long as possible. This charger helps with that.

Bring universal charging to your desk

Many of us work from a mix of devices. Luckily, this GaN desktop charging station is the neighborhood superhero, compatible with nearly all of them.

Whether it’s your iPhone 15/14 series, MacBook Pro/Air, or Galaxy S23/S22/S21, this charger is universal. For instance, my household has multiple device preferences. I work from Apple computers but my family and I also like Samsung devices.

In our case, the UGREEN Nexode 100W is a great mitigator, catering to all our devices without any compatibility hiccups. It helps bridge the gap between different device ecosystems.

Enhance your office style with the cuboid design

Now, let’s consider the look and feel of the UGREEN Nexode 100W. With its distinctive cuboid design, this gadget is undoubtedly a cool way to merge function with design. The GaN charging technology nestled within a compact yet stylish body makes it a sleek addition to any workspace.

I already mentioned the MagSafe pad on the top, but it also contributes significantly to the USB charger’s overall look. A new, versatile feature, it turns the charger into a techy stand for your MagSafe-equipped phone.

Transform your daily charging experience

Finding a charger that not only meets your device’s needs but exceeds your expectations isn’t always easy. Enter the UGREEN Nexode 100W GaN desktop charging station—a charging solution that brings powerful charging options to your desk. As someone who practically lives on multiple devices throughout the day, having dependable, efficient chargers is non-negotiable for me. The UGREEN Nexode 100W has the features I want.

Whether it’s the MagSafe 15W charging, ensuring that my iPhone stays charged even during intense workdays, or the phenomenal 100W max. output, a lifesaver when my MacBook Pro M2 needs a quick power boost, this charger has my back.

Plus, the magnetic plate is a user-friendly innovation that improves my charging experience. Adjusting my phone to the perfect angle, whether for video calls or hands-free browsing, is easy with the 65° adjustability and 360° rotation capability.

Overall, the UGREEN Nexode 100W stands as a reliable charging solution. It efficiently powers your devices, ensuring they remain charged and ready to keep up with your day. So, if you’re seeking a noticeable upgrade for your work desk, this charger can transform your tech experience for the better.

Buy your UGREEN Nexode 100W GaN charging station for $129.99 on Amazon.

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