This UV light technology blasts germs safely on any surface, even your skin

Need to keep your business, rental property, school, or other workplace sanitized and healthy for your customers and employees? This impressive technology from UV ONE Hygienics can help. Using far-UV technology, these products kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the air. It's even safe for the skin.

This UV light technology blasts germs safely on any surface, even your skin
A newer, safer way to sterilize pretty much everything from UV ONE Hygienics

It’s important that the surfaces you touch multiple times a day are clean. The trouble is, it’s not always possible to disinfect when you should. And using harsh, chemical-based sprays multiple times a day can be harmful to your health and tough on the environment. Luckily, there’s a newer, safer way to sterilize pretty much everything from UV ONE Hygienics. This UV light technology uses UVx, a new technology that makes UV light safer and more effective for disinfection.

UVx was created by two engineers whose past work includes the laser scalpel knife (now an industry-standard) and UV water sanitation. Their latest technology provides virus and bacteria sanitation on any surface in less than two seconds. The company hopes to design, patent, and market a commercial UV light sanitation solution to help businesses resume normal operation in an environment that’s safer and cleaner for their employees. It’s a mind-blowing design that can help keep everyone healthier.

This UV sanitation solution eliminates 99.9999% of harmful bacteria

When you want to disinfect an object for commercial or medical use, you want to be sure that it’s effective. This UV light technology is estimated to kill 99.9999% of harmful bacteria on any surface. It combines UV light and the company’s proprietary technology in four products that can decontaminate entire rooms or small areas in seconds. That’s faster cleaning than many smart home gadgets can guarantee.

Far-UV light inactivates bacteria and is skin-safe

UV ONE Hygienics’ products make use of far-UV light. According to the company’s crowdfunding website, this light has a shorter wavelength and higher photon energy than UV-C. This makes it effective on microorganisms compared to a typical UV disinfection lamp. For example, far-UV light can inactivate bacteria without harming exposed skin. So you could use this lamp to sanitize yourself and multiple other people from head-to-toe. It sounds like a great kind of bulb to hang at the entrance of a workplace or other public building.

This UV technology also combats environmental toxins

While killing bacteria and viruses is helpful, that’s not all products equipped with this technology can do. UV ONE Hygienics solutions can also eliminate mold and other deadly mycotoxins. With at least 45 million buildings in the United States having unhealthy mold growth, these products could be a lifesaver. Do you have a building or rental property that keeps sprouting black spots in the ceiling, no matter what you do? Regular treatment with this UV light technology could be the answer.

UV ONE Hygienics’ products include:

The UVx HVAC system

This system sterilizes pathogens that get recycled through an air system. Yes, viruses and bacteria can spread through ventilation systems. Scientific and medical professions have proved it. And that’s where the UVx HVAC system comes in. It works to keep air systems clean and safe from bacteria and the aforementioned mold and mycotoxins. This technology could prove useful for hospitals, schools, and other buildings that see large numbers of people daily.

The UVx Max and MultiMax Full Spectrum Ceiling Lighting

These ceiling lights use the UVx UV light technology to safely kill germs anytime. They can be used with people in the area, or without. The UVx MultiMax uses the full spectrum UV: A, B, C, and UVx for maximum sanitation. So they’re fast, convenient, and safe ways to ensure a room or facility is clean all-day long.

The UVx Wand Personal Mobile Unit

The UVx Wand is a portable disinfection unit created for employees and individuals. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and sit on your desk. It can be used by employees throughout the day to help them stay in control of their health. So this is a gadget you can even add to your EDC.

This disinfecting technology is perfect for any industry

Since this UV light technology significantly reduces the light exposure required to kill harmful germs compared to similar systems, it’s ideal for any workplace. The reduced exposure offers a skin-safe approach that pretty much any business, company, or organization will find helpful.

UV-light sanitation for a reduced cost

Sanitation products that rely on UV-light can be costly. Luckily, UV ONE Hygienics’ parent company, Diamond Sun Labs is introducing a new automation technology to every area of its manufacturing, starting with UV ONE Hygienics. This will allow the company to produce its products at less than 50% of the current cost. It will also increase the manufacturing speed. So this UV light technology is sure to result in products that are affordable and easy to procure.

Who is UV ONE for?

UV ONE Hygienics is a great solution for any building that hosts many people throughout the day. This includes cruise ships, banks, daycare centers, universities, government offices, malls, and so many more. Lights equipped with this technology could make it easier to stay healthy even if you work in an industry where you have contact with many people throughout the day. It also makes it less likely to contract diseases while you’re out shopping or pursuing your education.

Sanitation that’s customizable

One size doesn’t always fit all, and that’s especially true when it comes to disinfection. However, UV ONE Hygienics provides a solution based on the individual requirements of each space. Customers who choose UV light decontamination technology with this UV light technology get an analysis of unique light patterns within their space along with an individualized strategy for the best results.

It’s unbelievable how many pathogens we come across every day. It’s even more surprising that they can lurk in the ventilation systems of large public buildings. To create work environments that are cleaner and healthier for employees and to ensure that the economy keeps humming, large-scale sanitation is a good idea. UV ONE Hygienics delivers far-UV technology in a range of cutting edge products. What’s more, this technology is safe for the skin, enabling it to be used widely and at any time.

To learn more about UV ONE Hygienics and its products, check out the official website.

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