14 Awesome Products For the Urban Professionals of This Century

14 Awesome Products For the Urban Professionals of This Century

A large section of the modern generation spend more than 40 hours per week at work. And yet we often overlook our style while going for work. I know you’re mostly in a rush or have meetings to attend and style isn’t really the first criteria to fulfill but it does add an extra something to your personality. How about carrying a sophisticated leather document case instead of that plastic holder you’ve been carrying for years. I believe a little bit here and there can make your work life more stylish and sophisticated. It need not be related to your personal style all the time – even having a stylish workspace will do!

Here’s a look at 14 products that can add some fun and “style” to your work life.

Shell Brown Tortoise Watch by Aark Collective

Going for work in style

Time is essential for every professional and so is a fancy wristwatch. These hand moulded designs will help you flaunt a minimal look but with a sophisticated finish.

Price: $179

Closca Fuga

Going for work in style

Many of us travel for work on a bike. So a helmet is always a must have. But what if there was one which was foldable?

Price: $89

No. 1 Titanium City Bike

Going for work in style

Since we showcased a helmet, why not highlight a luxurious bike too.

Price: $4795

Knick Knack Nacho by This Is Ground

Going for work in style

Let’s face it, our work bag is stuffed with wires and little things we might need during the day. Wait till some eyes pop out to see your organized lifestyle when you take out some of these nachos.

Price: $32

Luxury Steel iPhone 6 / 6+ Mirror Case

Going for work in style

Okay, this one’s specifically for the women who are iPhone 6 users. How many times have you tried taking out your mirror during the day at work? With this case, it will be one phone away.

Price: $26

2unfold Laptop Bag By Hard Graft

Going for work in style

Work and laptops are inseparable. So you better have something as stylish as this laptop bag to carry them for work.

Price: $767

Laptop Sleeve by ÉSTIE

Going for work in style

Yes, backpacks aren’t everyone’s favorite. You might as well try using a sleeve if required.

Price: $110

Mill Leather Davis Brief by JackSpade

Going for work in style

And if a sleeve isn’t working either, this classic leather briefcase will.

Price: $425

Hextie Honeycomb Space

Going for work in style

Gentlemen, if you think your tie could do with a fancy makeover, this honeycomb design could just make you rock your meetings.

Price: $128

Slim Leather Wallet

Going for work in style

Complement that look with a classic handmade wallet.

Price: $109

Lunch Bags Re-Invented for Work

Going for work in style

Archer Brighton is about to make packing lunch to work cool for men and women. Period.

Price: $59

Francis Titanium Fifty-Fifty Sunglasses

Going for work in style

Heading for work without sunglasses? Nah, not happening! Why not try these wooden ones for a change.

Price: $185

Signature Tote by Will Leather Goods

Going for work in style

Now that’s a stylish tote to carry all your essentials, ladies! And it’s got that handmade spark too.

Price: $139

H8 – Wireless Headphones by BeoPlay

Going for work in style

Traveling to work would be super melodious and chic if you use these amazing headphones to keep yourself entertained on the way.

Price: $500

Liked what you saw and have more suggestions to add to the list? Share with us in the comments below. Happy Gadgeting!

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