13 Ways to Treat Yo’Self this Month

13 Ways to Treat Yo’Self this Month

There’s just something about the change of seasons that makes us want to make changes in our lives. Whether you daydream of quitting your underpaying job or of moving across the country, it’s important not to make rash decisions. However, there’s no better way to scratch the itch without going overboard than to treat yo’self to something special (or all 13 items on this list). You deserve it.

Pryma Luxury Headphones

Surround yo’self in the best, including audio, with the Pryma Luxury Headphones. Outfitted with the most comfortable materials, it’ll feel like these headphones were made just for you.

Grey Double Hanging Cacoon

Grey Cacoon
With the Grey Double Hanging Cacoon, you can always put your feet up and hide from the world in your very own comfy refuge. With enough space for two, it’s ideal for cuddling.

Apple iPhone 7

iPhone 7
Updating your smartphone is a sure-fire way to improve your life and the latest iPhone from Apple is the device to choose.

Luxury Real Leather iPhone Case

iPhone 6 Case
If you can’t upgrade, you can still treat yo’phone to the same luxuries as yourself with the Luxury Real Leather iPhone Case for iPhone 6 range.

Rockwell Chrome Series Razor

Rockwell Razor
Treat yo’face to the best shave every time with the Rockwell Chrome Series Razor. With six interchangeable razor angles, you can go from sexy scruff to clean shaven in minutes.

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

Tesla Powerwall
Ensuring your home is efficiently using energy is the perfect way to treat yo’self as well as the environment. The Tesla Powerwall gathers energy at the cheapest prices to power your home throughout the day.

Series 38 Luxury Wallet

Series 38
Protect the items you need to keep on treating yo’self: your credit cards. The Series 38 Luxury Wallet is assembled from 12 pieces of titanium to prevent bending.

BallerYoga Luxury Yoga Mat

Your treat yo’self day can begin first thing in the morning with the BallerYoga Luxury Yoga Mat. Each mat is made with 100% pebble-grain leather, the same used for NFL footballs.

PLAISIR des SENS Luxury Lubricant

Luxury need not be a daytime only activity. With the PLAISIR des SENS, you get perfectly warmed lubricant to indulge in extravagance even at bedtime. In addition to treating yo’self, you can also treat a friend.

Maqoo Feel Good Underwear

Hey there, fancy pants! With the Maqoo Feel Good Underwear, you get soft yet stretchy materials such as linen, nylon, and Spandex to hug every nook and cranny while regulating temperature.

Waterproof Car Seat Cover for Pets

Car Seat Cover
If you’re living in the lap of luxury, why can’t your dog? Protect your car and pamper your pooch with the Waterproof Car Seat Cover for Pets.

Carnival Luxury Automatic Watch

Carnival Watch
Complete your look with the ultra-fresh yet timeless Carnival Luxury Automatic Watch with your choice of face, bezel, and strap color.

Hasselblad Stellar DSLR Camera

Capture every moment of your luxurious lifestyle with the Hasselblad Stellar DSLR Camera. Made with real wood, you can document and show the world just how you treat yo’self.

Nothing here quite strike your fancy? Head over to our Luxurious Products category to find just what you need to treat yo’self.

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