20 Unique product designs you’ll love in 2024

Discover our top picks for the most uniquely designed gadgets of 2024. From unique office chairs to a TV shirt, these products are sure to make you look again. Check them out in the blog!

20 Unique product designs you’ll love in 2024

As someone who’s always on the lookout for the next big thing in innovation, I can’t wait to share with you the 20 unique product designs you’ll love in 2024. From sleek tech gadgets to sustainable household items, these products are set to revolutionize how we live, work, and play.

In this blog, I’ll take you on a journey through the most exciting and groundbreaking designs that are making waves. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a design aficionado, or simply someone who appreciates well-crafted products, there’s something here for everyone.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of unique product designs and see what 2024 has in store for us!

1. Soul Seat: a productivity chair that can improve your health

Bamboo Soul Seat in a video

The first thing you’ll need to do on your productivity quest is choose the right office chair—as its design can significantly impact how you feel at work.

Experts agree that a chair should have adjustable height to prevent severe back, neck, or eye injuries. Luckily, the Bamboo Soul Seat doesn’t swivel, letting you raise the chair high enough to use at a standing desk, drafting table, or bar counter. Stay focused on your work, as the design provides unrestricted movement without arms or a back to hinder you.

Feeling like you need a change in your chair setup? Switch between various healthy sitting positions on the Soul Seat with Bamboo Legs. Try out cross-legged, kneeling, diamond legs, squatting, and more.

2. Fusion Keyboard 2.0: a Bluetooth keyboard with an invisible touchpad

Fusion 2 0
Fusion Keyboard 2.0 in color options

Moving your hand from your keyboard to your touchpad or mouse can get tedious, especially during extended work sessions. Strain and stiffness in the hands and wrists sometimes occur, leading to discomfort and decreased productivity.

With mokibo’s Fusion Keyboard 2.0, you wave goodbye to your touchpad and mouse. It has an invisible touchpad under the keys, eliminating the need for back-and-forth hand travels. Basically, it’s your 4-in-one keyboard, touchpad, case, and kickstand.

Fusion Keyboard 2.0’s multi-touch area is 3x larger than the average laptop touchpad, which means you can sign documents and PDFs with greater precision and ease.

For versatility and simplicity, you can use it with any operating system (macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, Smart TV, and even Steam Deck & more) and seamlessly experience OS-specific gestures without any setup.

What’s more? Wirelessly pair it (Bluetooth 5.1 LE) and seamlessly switch between up to 3 devices with just a press of the dedicated connection buttons. Boasting a 60-hour battery life, you get plenty of time to finish your work, or if you take a break, benefit from the standby mode to extend power.

All-around impressive, it’s a serious contender to become my next typing machine. If you’re after an enjoyable typing experience, support the crowdfunding project today. You’ll only be charged if mokibo reaches its funding target by the deadline.

3. TOUCH PBT: a stylish ergonomic mouse

TOUCH PBT on a workspace

Ok, let’s get to the mouse. In a study where participants used a laptop computer mouse and a touchpad, they achieved higher productivity with the former.

An ergonomic wireless mouse, the LOFREE TOUCH PBT fits your hand’s natural curve and lowers fatigue after hours of intense handling. Plus, the side buttons’ position offers better thumb accessibility.

Looking at the connectivity options, you can be flexible via wired USB, low-latency 2.4 GHz RF, or Bluetooth (up to two devices).

While there are plenty of mice on the market, not many are creative when it comes to design. Swap out the clicker buttons and the upper case to get various design versions. Fine-tune your desk setup with a creative splash of bright colors. Get your TOUCH PBT mouse today!

4. Shift Robotics Moonwalkers: walk at the speed of a run

Shift Moonwalker
Shift Robotics Moonwalkers in a lifestyle Image

According to Shift Robotics, its Moonwalkers can let you walk at the speed of a run. The adaptive AI drivetrain helps achieve 2.5x walking speed, at your own pace. And it’s not skating; you genuinely walk like you do, normally.

There are no controllers or remotes. If you sense you’re moving too fast, simply take smaller steps, and the Moonwalkers will realize it and slow the speed of the wheels.

Whether you’re interested in recreation and fitness or want to make your commute more enjoyable and productive, something in these skater shoes will surely appeal to you. Overall, Moonwalkers offer a glimpse into the future of urban mobility.

5. Bo M: it has a unique folding mechanism

Bo M Luggage Friendly Electric Scooter
Bo M eScooter with a person and groceries

Bo’s M competes with the range and speed of electric cars. While at the power of 1200W and 30Nm e-motor it’s unlikely to outspeed EVs other than the Renault Twizy or a Citroen Ami, there’s a massive potential to unlock.

One of the best features of the M eScooter is its one-piece aluminum design, resembling a car’s chassis. Its solid build prioritizes durability over portability. That’s why it doesn’t fold like other eScooters—adding a folding point would weaken it. This design choice allows for separate components like the steering, ensuring robustness.

The setup has 2 fold-out hooks (with hoops cut into them), providing a safer place to hang your bag or any luggage. Furthermore, the M has daytime running lights at the front and back, which is pretty typical. What makes the M stand out is that its animation kicks in when it’s turned on. Bo says this is a brand-new feature.

The smooth ride, comfort, and sleek design justify M’s higher price than many other eScooters.

6. SWÖM Smart Swimwear: keep your kids safe in the water

SWOM Smart Swimwear
SWÖM Smart Swimwear on a child

SWÖM’s innovative Smart Swimwear helps children enjoy themselves in the water. Meanwhile, the built-in advanced sensor technology is always ready to inflate if they stay submerged for too long.

The cool thing is, SWÖM constantly monitors your child’s depth in the water while they swim. If it detects deep water for too long, it inflates automatically, becoming a life jacket. Drowning is silent and fast—this gadget aims to help.

7. Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra: a game controller with a 1.5″ screen

Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra
Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra top view

Are you looking to keep the vibes high while gaming?

Snappy and responsive, Turtle Beach’s Stealth Ultra provides reliable timing for action commands in fast-paced games.

However, the Stealth Ultra’s standout feature is its 1.5-inch color screen between the Menu and View buttons, similar to the touchpad on a DualSense. Besides, it’s the first pro controller (3rd party) to operate wirelessly on the Xbox Series X/S, though using the included 2.4 GHz USB dongle.

8. Sony PlayStation 5 Access: an accessible controller kit

Sony PlayStation 5 Access top view

To round out your gaming setup, let’s explore Sony’s PlayStation 5 Access controller, the tech giant’s first accessible gamepads. It may look unusual, but it has many impressive talents and features.

With this controller, Sony aims to address the imbalance between adaptability and control in gaming. The main goal is to free players from adapting to a controller’s demands.

The real strength of the Access controller, in my opinion, is when you use it together with another one. A couple of controllers at once give you much more flexibility and feel as good as using a regular gamepad.

9. Hammock Throne: a hammock-style seat

Hammock Throne in a house

Moving on to technology for comfort, going home after an exhausting or strenuous day at work is when we need to relax the most. The Hammock Throne free-standing seat gives you the benefits and comforts of a traditional hammock without needing to tie the hammock’s ends to 2 set places like trees or poles.

Each Yellow Leaf Chair Hammock is handwoven with over 100,000 loops and over a mile of yarn. The original weave is meticulously crafted and cannot be reproduced by machines. Furthermore, each purchase supports skilled artisans in rural Thai communities, fostering economic empowerment and sustainable craftsmanship.

10. Trippy Outdoor Tripster portable chair: a quick-to-assemble seat

Trippy Outdoor Tripster in a beach scene

What if you need to relax in the wild? Whether hiking or camping, take advantage of Tripster’s board-and-paddle assembly for a quick seat, on the go. When you no longer need the seat, slide it back into the bracket so that it can snap into place thanks to magnets. It sets up or stows in just 3 seconds, voila!

From seafoam green to salmon orange and olive green, pick the color that best aligns with your style, and you’re good to go.

11. Amagami Ham Ham: the robot pet that nibbles your fingers

Amagami Ham Ham nibbling a person’s finger

Let’s face it: we all need reassurance at times. It helps manage stress and anxiety, plus you could do with some comfort and support.

Meet Amagami Ham Ham, a robot designed to bite the end of your finger, cutely and reassuringly. And unlike previous models, such as Charlie, it doesn’t hurt.

The biting delivers the sensation of having the tip of your finger nibbled by a pet or a baby. There are a couple of characters in the Amagami Ham Ham series, Yuzu the cat and Kotaru the Shiba Inu dog. Both robots draw inspiration from Liv Heart’s Nemu Nemu series of plush toys. Contact the company for more information.

12. Tenon by Moen: a Japandi smart faucet collection

20 Unique product designs you'll love in 2024
Tenon by Moen in a kitchen

Let’s talk home. Which room would you consider the heartbeat of your environment? If you mentioned the bustling activity of cooking, you’re not alone, as most Americans’ fondest childhood memories often revolve around the kitchen, study finds.

With Tenon Spot, Moen connects the Japandi and Scandinavian styles, delivering Japanese textures in simple terms. The new collection comes with a gentle teak wood handle, while the clean lines provide a sense of tranquility.

The technology behind Tenon Spot improves your functionality at the sink, including the ADA Compliance feature, which ensures that your Moen faucets, such as shower valve controls and sinks, meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

13. IKEA PILSKOTT: a modern geometric-shaped lamp

20 Unique product designs you'll love in 2024
IKEA PILSKOTT LED floor lamp in a living room

The trend towards using softer lighting instead of a single central light or a grid of recessed LED spotlights has been going on for a while. And IKEA’s PILSKOTT LED floor lamp, with its sweeping yet minimalist design, can be a worthwhile addition to your smart home system.

Boasting a modern graphic shape and a bended LED strip, the PILSKOTT floor lamp produces dynamic light effects. Plus, you can dim your lighting wirelessly and adapt the lighting based on activity. To control your devices remotely or with voice commands when you’re away from home, you’ll need the DIRIGERA hub.

14. LEGO Art Hokusai The Great Wave: Japanese art in brick-form

20 Unique product designs you'll love in 2024
LEGO Art Hokusai framed on a wall

Building sets by LEGO are an art form where kids can be both creators and, with Hokusai’s The Great Wave building set, also storytellers!

Did you know that in Hokusai’s artwork from the early 19th century, the large waves threatening the fishermen’s boats appear even bigger than Mount Fuji itself? With this clever play on perspective, Hokusai may have tried to convey both fear of and respect for the ocean.

Express your passion for Japanese art by building the LEGO version of Hokusai’s The Great Wave. You’ll get a magnificent 3D effect thanks to the picture’s multiple layers. Finally, home is about more than just decor, it can contribute by creating a relaxed and safe atmosphere.

15. Pantheone Audio Obsidian: a powerful multiroom speaker

20 Unique product designs you'll love in 2024
Pantheone Audio Obsidian in an indoor scene

Featuring Alexa integration, Apple Airplay 2, and a 15-hour battery life, the Obsidian combines exceptional sound quality with sleek style. While some might critique its specs, the Obsidian’s design is a standout. Unlike typical boxy speakers, its curves and angles are eye-catching yet subtle, giving it a classy and understated presence in any room.

Therefore, the high cost is partly due to each Pantheone speaker being hand-made from sculpted, polished resin. Adding Google Chromecast support would be great for Android users, but even without it, you’ll feel you’re getting your money’s worth.

16. Bower Studios Melt Glass Mirror I: mirrors can be art

Bower Studios Melt Glass Mirror I
Melt Mirror I on an exterior wall

Who said mirrors must be rectangular or square, with no touch of personality? Melt Mirror I has unique, curved edges that droop down to create a melting effect, providing the simple change you might need to rediscover your affection for your environment.

The mirror hangs gracefully on a wall-mounted wooden dowel, making it a focal point. This setup transforms the mirror from a useful item to a stylish home ornament.

17. Ultimate Ears UE DROPS: super comfortable earbuds

Ultimate Ears UE DROPS in a blue colorway

A few years ago, truly wireless earbuds weren’t quite effective. Reliable connectivity was difficult, dropouts happened frequently, and battery life could have been better. Today, top-notch wireless earbuds rival traditional headphones, giving you freedom during commutes and immersive audiobook sessions. Plus, with UE DROPS, you can get custom molds, tailored to fit your earprint.

Traditionally, getting custom in-ear fit involved visiting an audiologist for a 3D scan or using molds. But there’s a better way: UE Drops simplify and lower costs by guiding you through creating your own ear impressions at home, using FitKit ultraviolet technology.

The UE FitKit system has a headphone amplifier and earbuds to drive the ultraviolet curing process. This molds the ear tips, neatly labeled and packaged, for your UE Drops.

18. The Space Watch by Richard Danne

Anicorn The Space Watch
Anicorn The Space Watch front and side view

Designed by Richard Danne, father of the NASA design program, The Space Watch shows time, and passion for space.

Encased in stainless steel, the watch dial boasts 2 small circles representing the watch hands, reminiscent of old-school NASA radar or celestial bodies themselves.

The Space Watch is available in 2 colorways: one bold black and the other drawing inspiration from NASA’s iconic colors.

19. Casio G-SHOCK Transparent Gold Watch Collection

Casio G SHOCK Transparent Gold Collection
Casio G-SHOCK Transparent Gold Watch Collection on a wrist

Summer is already here, so you know what to do. It’s time to start building your tech lineup for the season! By the way, Casio’s G-SHOCK Transparent Gold Watch Collection offers a refreshing look, thanks to its clear, translucent material.

If you’re seeking watches for women, the GMAS110SG-7A model features a face in pure gold color (via radiant metallic vapor deposition), which adds shine to your summer look. It beautifully contrasts with the translucent band, creating a stylish design.

20. T-Shirt TV: wearable digital art

T-Shirt TV in a video

Artists and computer engineers have teamed up to create previously impossible works. From digital art to virtual reality, we’ve ushered in a new era of creativity and innovation. But there’s a world where only a few have stepped into, wearable digital art.

Future Minds Lab, an experimental startup, has launched a crowdfunding project to deliver “the world’s first wearable digital billboard for self-expression”—T-Shirt TV.

Do you want to show off your latest TikTok video clips? Now you can. Do you want effective conversation starters? Just play your favorite music clip and let it connect you with others.

What’s more? Thanks to its user-friendly interface, businesses can now take advantage of the integrated 10″ digital screen to share advertising on the go.

Discover beyond cool new gadget gifts

In our list of 20 unique products, hopefully, you found the best unique gadgets for you and your loved ones. However, from home accessories to indoor and outdoor seats, the team at Gadget Flow has picked a well-rounded list of items that promise you usability and pleasure.

Whether you’re after wearables and gaming accessories or smart home upgrades, boasting 300+ product categories, Gadget Flow can turn your dreams into reality.

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