8 Meditation Gadgets to Begin the Week on a Fresh Note

8 Meditation Gadgets to Begin the Week on a Fresh Note

Mindfulness and meditation date back to the Hindu Vedas of India. But it’s only been a few years since mankind has finally been able to analyze the effects of meditation in numbers. You may have heard people comment on the positive effects of meditation and how it helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Overall, this happens to be a great solution for you to feel calm at the end of a tiring day. However, the question remains the same – how do you meditate? While there happens to be a large number ways you can get along that path, we believe there’s no better solution than gadgets to try this form of relaxation. Since it’s Monday, we thought of beginning the week on a fresh note with eight meditation gadgets. By trying them out, you will feel one step closer to be a calmer human being.

For those of you who feel that meditation is very difficult to learn, Unyte has come to your rescue. This meditation device has over 50 digital and VR experiences to make meditation easy to learn for you. It does offer a truly immersive experience so you get to feel calmness in an easier way.

Breathing is an important aspect of meditation. With this lamp, you’ll be able to master that area in no time. As a matter of fact, the lamp trains your brain to enter a meditative state. Additionally, there’s a soft blue light that just enhances the experience even more.

This wearable takes meditation to a smarter level. It’s a headband that comes with an accompanying app. Together with these two solutions, you will get to enter your meditative state with calming music and soothing sounds. The earbuds help you along the way with ease and absolute comfort.

Sleep is essential for every human being. But with lucid dreaming, you’ll be able to make the most of your sleep and give your brain the relaxation it deserves. This headband analyzes your brainwaves, body movement, heart rate, and body temperature. In addition, it helps you create your dream and sleep in a meditative mode. As a result, you’ll feel refreshed every time you wake up in the morning.

Flying a helicopter toy sounds like no biggie. But this one is going to up your game because you need to control it with your mind. Not only does it help you master your flying skills but it also makes you concentrate on a deeper level without even realizing it.

If there’s a wearable you can buy for your emotional well-being, it’s got to be WellBe. This beautiful bracelet comes with an app and what it does is simple. This wearable analyzes your stress triggers and helps you calm down with meditation and other similar activities. And you get to do so in style because the wearable looks gorgeous on your wrist.

External distractions bother us day in and day out. What if we said that there was a way you can get rid of those distractions for at least an hour or more per day? Float is a wearable that takes you down relaxation lane. It makes you enjoy floating by releasing all your stress and worries. This, in turn, will make you a more relaxed human being.

All of us go through noisy days at work. But, how do you keep yourself calm in such situations? That’s where the Vibes Box comes into play. This beautiful relaxation kit is a headset as well as an aromatic diffuser. What it does is beyond imagination. This combo is sure to make you feel relaxed and all set to enjoy your day at work.

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