8 Smart gadgets to help you reduce your water use

What better day than World Water Day to discuss our excessive (and unnecessary) use of water. Rather than turning the water off while you lather your hair in the shower (although that’s a great idea), you can also use technology to cut down on your usage.

8 Smart gadgets to help you reduce your water use
  • How many people don’t have access to water? According to the UN, 2.1 billion people don’t have safe water at home while 4 billion people “experience severe water scarcity during at least one month of the year.”
  • How can I cut wasteful down water use at home? Turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth and while you lather your hands, turn off your shower while you wash your hair and body, and, if you’re up for it, let it mellow if it’s yellow.
  • What are some other ways to help the planet? Check out our entire eco-friendly category here!

Saving water isn’t just a fashionable choice in today’s society; reducing our water use will actually help our planet thrive. There are communities all over the world without access to drinkable water. It’s only when our own access is limited (insert Flint, MI) that we truly take notice.

But, it shouldn’t be this way. We should make a conscious effort to use less water. Along with the benefit to the planet, it’ll also help you cut down on your water bill. Check out these smart gadgets that will help you save water automatically.

American Standard Beale MeasureFill Touch Kitchen Faucet

This incredible faucet is designed to only dispense the water that you need. Featuring MeasureFill technology, a simple tap will fill your glass, measuring cup, or any other vessel with the precise water the recipe calls for. This will greatly reduce your wasted water with every meal you prepare.

AquaTimer Wi-Fi Connected Garden Hose System

Connecting directly to your home’s Wi-Fi network, this handy device allows you to schedule, manage, and control your hoses with ease. Screwing right into the spigot, you can easily view your water usage for all your sprinkler and outdoor water systems, meaning you can reduce waste and your water bill.

Mitte Smart Home Water Purifier

Encouraging you to drink water at home and stop buying bottled, Mitte delivers exceptionally delicious water whenever you want it. It works with included cartridges and you can choose from Balance, great for tea and coffee; Vitality, for high amounts of minerals; and Alkaline, complete with antioxidants.

TAPP 2 Eco-Friendly Water Filter

Another way to encourage you to use water at home, TAPP 2 is a water filter that attaches directly to your faucet. It provides tasty on-demand water with all the stuff that taints the flavor removed. Each filtration cartridge lasts a full three months and is recyclable, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

Water From a Stone Plant Watering System

Helping you keep your plants alive, Water From a Stone allows your plants to receive the right amount of water over time. Rather than overwatering (and subsequently killing) your plants, the water slowly seeps in to keep them thriving. Likewise, you won’t be wasting water and having it pool up at the base.

8 Smart gadgets to help you reduce your water use

A little helping hand for your green thumb

Kohler Konnect Sensate Smart Kitchen Sink Faucet

Featuring voice activation, this clever kitchen faucet works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit. Using just your voice, you can turn the Konnect Sensate on and off and even request a precise amount of water. Say goodbye to a running faucet and hello to a greener home.

MSR TrailShot Microfilter Portable Water Filter

The TrailShot helps you enjoy the great outdoors without lugging around and wasting water. Superbly portable, this water filter lets you fill up your water bottle from just about any water source meaning you only take and use the water that you need.

Aquor House Hydrant V2 Outdoor Faucet System

Instantly connecting to your hose, the Aquor House Hydrant V2 gives you direct access to your home’s water flow but with a clever twist. As soon as you unplug, the flow of water stops and vice versa. Thanks to the unique design, it also prevents any unauthorized use of your water, meaning you can cut down on wasted water.

What do you do to help the planet? Tell us in the comments!

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