9 Beach products you need to bring on vacation

This weather was made for sand and surf. If you’re planning to take advantage of the summer sun, make sure to pack these beach products.

9 Beach products you need to bring on vacation
  • How do you keep sand out of everything? Place smaller items inside a ziplock bag, and use a beach bag with zippers to reduce the amount of sand you collect.
  • What’s the best way to treat sunburn? Use an aftersun lotion, bring along some aloe vera ice cubes, or spray on some cider vinegar.
  • What are the best summer gadgets? Check out our curated collection!

At long last, the beach season is upon us. There are many ways to enjoy the sand — from soaking up the sun to playing a little volleyball. Whichever way you like to spend your time at the coast, these beach products should improve your experience.

Angle Bag Waterproof Belt Bag

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Waterproof Angle Bag

Keeping your wallet and phone secure can be tricky when you want to go for a dip. This belt bag offers a neat solution, with a neoprene shell that makes the water simply run off. (Price: $40 USD)

DEZZIO Innovative Beach Bag

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DEZZIO beach bag

On dry land, DEZZIO helps you keep your beach kit in some order. This stylish beach bag is also water-repellent, and there are two built-in USB chargers for powering your gadgets. (Price: $89 USD)

Matador NanoDry Compact Nanofiber Towel

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Matador NanoDry towel

When you return from your dip, you’re going to need to dry off. The NanoDry towel can absorb 2.3 times its own weight in water, and it won’t take up half your bag. (Price: $34.99 USD)

Parasheet Parachute Nylon Beach Blanket

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Parasheet Parachute beach blanket

Another smart way to save space is with the Parasheet blanket. It spreads out to cover an incredible 49 square feet, yet it folds down to just 8.5 inches. In addition, the parachute nylon material is very durable. (Price: $39 USD)

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TRONO Premium Inflatable Chair

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TRONO inflatable chair

If you prefer to sit up rather than recline, TRONO chairs provide the perfect perch. They inflate in seconds, and you can use them on any outdoor surface — ideal for rocky shorelines. There’s even a kids version. (Price: $91.69 USD)

JBL GO 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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JBL GO 2 speaker

With an IPX7 rating, the JBL GO 2 speaker is completely waterproof down to one meter beneath the waves. You get five hours of wireless tunes on a full charge, and the device weighs only 184 grams. (Price: $39.95 USD)

Hudson Sutler Beverage Cooler Bag

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Hudson Sutler cooler bag

Refreshments are pretty essential when the sun is high in the sky. This durable waterproof cooler bag keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature. There are two sizes available, holding 18 cans and 30 cans respectively. (Price: $99 USD)

YACKET ICE Innovative Beverage Ice Pack

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YACKET ICE cooler pack

If you’re just heading to the beach for an evening drink, this portable can cooler will do nicely. It’s essentially a giant ice pack that holds up to six cans. YACKET can keep your drinks cool for 12 hours. (Price: $29.99 USD)

Beer Pong Golf Travel Edition Drinking Game

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Beer Pong golf game

When you get bored with lying around, this fun golf game should raise some competitive spirit. It’s essentially like beer pong, except you have to chip the ball into a cup. The supplied turf mat ensures you get a good lie. (Price: $54 USD)

Best beach products

This summer has been total beach weather so far, and long may it continue. These beach essentials should help you get the most out of every day spent on the sand.

What items do you always take to the beach? Share your kit list in the comments!

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