9 Pool day accessories to make the most of the summer sun

Spring is in full swing which means hot and humid days are nearly here. What better way to beat the heat than with a dip in the pool? Check out these must-have pool day accessories to make the most of the summer sun.

9 Pool day accessories to make the most of the summer sun
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We’re nearly at the point of long days of lovely warm weather. There’s only one way to tackle the hot and humid days that will soon be upon us: going for a dip in the pool. Whether you’re headed on vacation, have your own pool, or use a friend’s, you need the right pool gadgets to make the most of your fun in the sun.

pHin Smart Pool Water Quality Monitor

Before you take a dip, make sure your pool water is up to code. Compatible with pools and hot tubs, this intelligent device keeps an eye on your pool hygiene. The pHin Monitor works 24/7 to keep track of the water chemistry as well as the temperature. If anything is out of whack, you get an instant alert sent right to your smartphone.

PoolCandy Splash Runner Motorized Luxury Pool Lounger

Featuring twin propellers, the Splash Runner enables you to sit back and relax while making your way around the pool. The motorized luxury pool lounger moves left, right, forward and backward with ease. Simple to use, the pool float comes with dual push-button controls that allow it to move in all directions.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Usually, speakers and pools don’t mix. But, not only can the BOOM 3 hold up to your splishing and splashing, it can actually even be fully submerged. The cylindrical design comes in four beautiful colors and the speaker delivers immersive, stereophonic audio in every direction. Additionally, the speaker also offers a deep, rich bass texture.

Kool Pool Inflatable Gold Chain Pool Float

Now you can add some bling to your day by the pool with the Gold Chain Pool Float. Versatile in movement and design, you can lounge on it in many different ways. Made to last, Kool Pool floats can withstand practically anything.

Powerbreather Wave Underwater Breathing Device

Giving you superhuman powers, the Powerbreather Wave allows you to actually breathe while swimming underwater without coming up for air. Using the latest technology, the Powerbreather Wave pulls in fresh air while also removing your exhaled C02 without them mixing.

Intex InflataBULL Inflatable Pool Float

Just like your favorite party trick at the bar, the InflataBULL Float provides a bull-riding experience but in the pool. Climb on top and your friends can go easy on you and stabilize the tube. Or, to make things more challenging, they can move the tube to make it tough to balance. Your goal is to stay in place as long as possible.

PLOOTA Sensor-Controlled Swimming Safety Device

PLOOTA is a flotation aid that inflates automatically when it senses trouble, keeping your head above the water. You wear it around your neck, and it normally stays out of the way, whether you are swimming or surfing. In an emergency, two hidden airbags inflate instantly to keep you afloat.

Floating Aqua Golf Chipping Game

If your time is best spent out of the water, check out this Floating Aqua Golf Chipping Game. The set includes a floating putting green, 2 flags, a 1-foot x 2-foot hitting mat, and 12 hook and loop balls which will easily stick to the green.

NX2 Robotic Solar Pool Skimmer

With the Robotic Solar Pool Skimmer, you’ll be able to remove leaves, dust, organic material and debris from your pool while the sun shines bright in the sky. Since it works on solar energy, you can have this skimmer working all throughout the day.

What do you get up to during a pool day? Let us know in the comments!

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