This adjustable alpine pole is what you need for your mountain treks

Tired of stopping your mountain trek or ski run so that you can adjust your pole to the right length? Then you'll want to check out the ATP-01 alpine pole. This easy-to-use pole lengthens and shortens at the touch of a button and stays secure until you want to adjust it again. It's the ideal mountain accessory, and you can learn more about it in this blog post.

This adjustable alpine pole is what you need for your mountain treks
ATP-01 alpine pole during a hike

Explore the mountains with ease when you have the ATP-01 alpine pole. This adjustable alpine pole lengthens and shortens almost instantly. If you love mountain treks or skiing, you know how integral the right pole is to your adventure. An adjustable pole is a great choice because you can make it shorter for uphills and longer for downhills. Yet many adjustable cross country poles are difficult to use and break easily. But the ATP-01 alpine pole is different.

The ATP-01 alpine pole is a stylish outdoor accessory with its black and white color options and swooshy alpine design. But what makes this pole distinct from others is the recessed button you find on the handle. After a satisfying ‘click’ sound, the pole changes its length instantly, and the stainless steel pins lock securely into place. You’re then ready to go on your journey. It has a maximum length of 140 centimeters and a weight capacity of 198 pounds. With a tungsten carbide tip, this pole adapts to pretty much any terrain.

ATP-01 alpine pole in a video

The inventors have a mechanical engineering background, which they used to redesign the adjustable pole inside and out. They aimed to lower the weight and cost of their poles while maximizing utility and reliability. With a design this durable and easy to use, it looks like they’ve succeeded. Let’s check out this cross-country pole.

This mountain pole is satisfying to use

We already mentioned the nice ‘click’ sound that these poles make when they change length, but let’s revisit that for a minute. When you press this button, the lengths change instantly, allowing you to change seamlessly from one type of terrain to another. It’s easy to do. Just press the button, change the length, and release the button. The spring-loaded pins lock into place and keep your selected length secure until the next time you want to change it. It makes getting the ideal pole length a breeze.

How can you use this hiking pole?

Another great feature of this adjustable alpine pole is that it’s suitable for various outdoor sports, pastimes, and users. For example, you can use it for downhill skiing, cross country skiing, mountain hikes, and snowshoeing. Past customers have even used it to adapt to growing children (ski poles get expensive) and even a tent pole. If your outdoor hobby requires a little extra stability, the ATP-01 is a sure bet.

The print is large and easy to read

When you’re out on the mountain enjoying the fresh air and exhilarating exercise, the last thing you want to do is stop and fiddle with your pole. Luckily, the pole lengths on the ATP-01 are printed in a large, easy-to-read font on the side of the pole. That way, you won’t have to estimate the length you need while you’re out there or squint to find the right hole. You can tell everything from just a glance so that you can keep doing what you love without stopping every time you need to make an adjustment.

The ATP-01 is strong and secure

Safety is the most important consideration when purchasing any equipment for outdoor sports and hobbies. With this adjustable alpine pole, you can be sure that your length will stay put and that the product is durable. The recessed button ensures you don’t have to worry about any accidental adjustments. And strong materials like the aluminum pole, stainless steel locking pins, and a polycarbonate/ABS blend button keep the product durable. So when you’re trekking up the side of that mountain, you’ll never have to worry about this pole losing its length in the middle of your stride or buckling under your force.

This pole has the features you’re used to

While innovations are great, the creators of this adjustable alpine pole know that it’s got to be a little familiar for the idea to catch on. And that’s why they’ve included all the features you’re used to from your traditional ski pole. So there’s a quick-adjust strap that keeps this pole secure to your hand, easy swap baskets so the pole suits the terrain, and a slim profile that makes poles easy to carry. So this pole will fit right in with all your other winter gadgets and accessories.

There’s even a separation option

The ATP-01 comes with a limiter that prevents the upper and lower portions of the pole from separating when you try to extend them to the max length. But this also means that you can’t separate them for more compact travel. So, if you favor compactness over this particular functionality, you can opt to remove the limiter when you order. The adjustability stays the same; you just can’t perform this one function. You can learn more about this option and see the manoeuver on the company’s Indiegogo page.

Check out the two-year warranty

Your ATP-01 comes with a two-year warranty, but according to the company’s Indiegogo page, it isn’t your typical warranty. In an effort to increase its product’s sustainability, the company designed all of its parts to be replaceable. So if your adjustable alpine pole breaks during the coverage period, the company will repair it or send you the replacement parts so that you can fix it yourself. If the company can’t replace it, the parts will be recycled, and you’ll get a new pole. This way, fewer poles end up in a landfill, which means we can all enjoy the outdoors more.

The ATP-01 alpine pole is the ideal mountain accessory. Whether you hike or ski, this adjustable alpine pole is just what your adventures have been missing. It’s easy to adjust with the button at the top of the handle, and the length stays securely in place. Also, this pole has all the features you’re used to from your traditional pole, such as adjustable hand straps, swappable baskets, and a sleek profile. Get ready for an outdoor experience that’s more seamless than ever.

The ATP-01 alpine pole typically costs $122.82. You can currently preorder it for $79.63 on Indiegogo. What’s your favorite gear for outdoor sports? Tell us about it in the comment section.

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