Love your AirPods? You need to try the AirPlus wireless case

While most smartphones now offer wireless charging, Apple’s AirPods have been left behind. This brand new wireless charging case changes that.

Love your AirPods? You need to try the AirPlus wireless case
  • What are the advantages of wireless charging? It’s great being able to top up your devices without fumbling with connectors and tripping over cables.
  • Are Apple AirPods truly wireless? In use, the earphones are completely wireless. But they do need to be inside the supplied case in order to charge.
  • Is there a wireless charger for AirPods? Strictly speaking, no. But the new AirPlus case works with any Qi wireless charger.

Most people who invest in a pair of AirPods are very happy with their purchase. These wireless earphones have all the stylish hallmarks of an elite Apple product. What’s more, you can use them for hours on end without going near a wall socket.

The only slight inconvenience occurs when you need to charge the supplied case. If you would prefer to go truly wireless, AirPlus is an essential upgrade. This stylish accessory protects your AirPods case from the elements, and it works with any Qi wireless charging pad.

How to upgrade to wireless charging

All you need to start charging your AirPods wirelessly is a wireless charging pad and the AirPlus case.

The AirPlus doesn’t replace the regular charging case supplied by Apple. It’s more like the Iron Man suit — it keeps your AirPods safe and gives them wireless superpowers.

[tweet_box]This stylish accessory protects your AirPods case from the elements, and it works with any Qi wireless charging pad.[/tweet_box]

charging case 03

Instant superpowers

Once your AirPods are wearing their suit, you can charge them by placing the case on any Qi charging pad. This is super convenient when you need to top up your earbuds at work or while you’re sleeping. AirPlus even has a helpful LED notification light to prove that the energy is flowing.

Oh, and in case you were wondering — charging your AirPods is as time-efficient as plugging them in.

charging case 02

Stylish design

The best third-party charging case for AirPods

Aside from wireless charging, AirPlus offers some other great upgrades.

charging case 05

Slim protection

For starters, the soft silicone cover offers amazing protection for your AirPods. It can shrug off falls, keep out the dust, and resist spilled drinks. The surface is also grippier than that of Apple’s case, meaning you’re less likely to drop your AirPods.

charging case 06

Built-in attachment

The other nice thing about AirPlus is the styling. Whereas Apple always goes for plain white nowadays, this case lets you add a little personality. There are five colors to choose from: white, black, light pink, light yellow, and orange-red.

charging case 04

Simply red

Just as importantly, the design is really lightweight and slim. It’s barely any bigger than Apple’s case, and you can remove the skin in seconds.

“We put a lot of thought into the AirPlus’s design. It’s for everyone, not only people with a wireless charger…You are exceptional, but why does your gadget companion look so ordinary? Dress it up with a carefully chosen, vibrant colour case and then turn it into a necklace or keychain with the built-in strap holder.” — HiQ on Kickstarter

What we love

This case not only provides wireless charging, but it also offers amazing protection and stunning style.

Room for improvement

Having a choice of colors is great, but they are all either monochrome or on the yellow-red spectrum. We hope to see a blue or green version at some point!


– Kickstarter: Until June 11th

– Pledge: $14 USD

– Delivery: June 2018

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