The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

Apple continues to impress consumers with new releases every single year. From hardware to software, Apple devices are some of the most popular in the world. Set yourself apart by checking out our ultimate Apple user accessory guide.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide
  • Apple has around 1.3 billion active devices worldwide, a 30% increase in the last two years.
  • Apple is more than the iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook, and Apple Watch. There’s a lot more to this brand that will make your life easier.

Apple has been known for delivering best in class user experience for over a decade now. When it comes to a MacBook or an iPhone, we still don’t think twice before shelling out a few hundred dollars. No matter how many other brands deliver impressive innovation (which Apple then implements years later), they still stand tall as being one of the most successful companies in history. For Apple fans, need not explain why.

But, being an Apple stalwart requires a lot more than just owning the device. From protecting the technology we love so dearly to setting ourselves apart from the rest of the Apple cult, accessories are just as popular as the devices. So, here are some of our favorite accessories to last a lifetime (or, at least, the entire lifetime of the iDevice you own).

iPhone X

From wireless charging to exquisite selfies, the iPhone X has been popular even with the hefty price tag. But, are you using it to the fullest potential? Check out our top five picks:

Belkin BOOST UP Wireless iPhone Charging Pad

Specifically designed for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X, this charging pad offers total convenience. Simply plug it into a power source and drop your phone into place. The built-in charging technology gives you a safe and reliable charge instantly.

Grip2ü GettaGrip BOOST iPhone X Grip Case

Totally encasing your device, this case offers incredible protection on every side. The Grip Case also has something unique on the back: a built-in handle. When you’re holding your smartphone, slip your hand into the grip for extra dexterity.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

Hold your phone however you need

elago Charging Hub 3-in-1 Dock for Apple Devices

With clean curves and a compact design, this charging dock helps you top up your devices overnight. On the left side, your iPhone stands upright which is great for handling your alarm in the morning. On the right, a carefully constructed loop provides the perfect resting spot for your Apple Watch.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

Charge everything at once

hardgraft Slim Pocket iPhone Case

Available in off-gray, this leather iPhone case feels luxurious in your hand. Additionally, its appearance brings a vintage touch to your modern device. The ultra-thin case is complete with soft microsuede for added protection. When you need your device, simply slide it out.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

Money, cash, and cards all right where you need them

Moment Smartphone Filmmaker Collection

Featuring four products, the Filmmaker Collection gives you everything you need to shoot movie quality videos on your phone. The 1.33x anamorphic lens allows you to shoot like a professional. Likewise, the rotatable bayonet works on any Moment supported device, including vertical and horizontal dual-lens cameras.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

Upgrade your videography skills instantly

Apple Watch

Apple devices are notoriously easy to use and they work together beautifully. But, the Apple Watch takes that level of interaction to all new heights. Check out these accessories to make your smartwatch even smarter:

ActionSleeve Apple Watch Armband

This band, complete with a secure Velcro strap, keeps your Apple Watch out of harm’s way while you workout. Even with this level of protection, you can still view and control the smartwatch with ease and no risk of damage. By keeping the device on your upper arm, you can perform a variety of exercises with peace of mind.

Sgnl Smart Audio Watch Strap

This device replaces the strap on your normal watch so that you can hear sound through your fingertip. The strap uses body conduction technology to send the sound up your arm while using very little power.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

Smart design meets smart style

Grovemade Leather Apple Watch Band

This strap uses premium American vegetable tanned leather for ultimate sophistication. Coming in your choice of black or tan, you also have your choice of hardware silver or black hardware for an extra touch of style.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

A classic touch for your smartwatch

MoKo Silicone Apple Watch Charging Wallet

Featuring ultra-soft silicone, the MoKo Wallet wraps fully around your Apple Watch for total protection. The anti-scratch material also absorbs shock in the event of a drop.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

It wraps up to keep everything tidy

LABB Buckleless Band for Apple Watch

Rich in innovation, this Swiss band uses no buckles, clips, or loops to remain fastened. Instead, the LABB Band, which stands for Loopless and Buckleless Band, is a self-gripping band that lays flat on your wrist.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

A new way to attach your watch to your wrist


If you are an iPad user, you’ve probably looked for solutions to use it as a portable movie theater or even a tool for work. These accessories make the job even easier:

DraftTable iPad Pro Drafting Stand

This stand is designed specifically for the iPad Pro and offers security and convenience. Unlike other stands, the DraftTable remains steady as you tap, draw, and type. Holding your device at an angle, the DraftTable can also withstand all-day designing, styling, and working.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

It folds down for effortless transport

Nomad Leather iPad Pro Organizer

The Nomad Leather iPad Pro Organizer makes it easier to keep your iPad and everyday carry items organized. The stylish system is also practical to take with you on the go. Likewise, it’s comfortable to hold thanks to the built-in carry strap.

Nomad Leather iPad Pro Organizer

Nomad Leather iPad Pro Organizer

mophie Powerstation AC Universal Battery

This jumbo battery pack charges most of your power-hungry devices, including those that come with an AC plug. In fact, you can also quickly charge your USB-C laptop at 30W by plugging into the USB-C PD input/output port.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

A port for each of your devices

Slope Micro-Suction iPad Stand

Designed by wiplabs, this innovative stand uses incredible micro-suction technology. This means it can securely and easily hold your device without the use of magnets, straps, or an adhesive.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

Elegant yet effective

OIO Amp iPad Speaker Stand

Holding your device at the perfect angle, this stand has integrated speakers to create a theater-like experience. Perfect for boxset junkies and movie lovers, the Amp Stand works with the iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Air, and iPad Air 2. It fits snuggly around your tablet and cradles it in place.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

Crank it up


A total workhorse, the MacBook gets better and better with every new release. But, with these cases, stands and accessories, you can enhance your Mac experience even more.

Harber London Slim Leather MacBook Sleeve Case

Featuring a minimalist and super slim design, this MacBook sleeve looks as good as it functions. Both the front and back of the case uses full grain vegetable tanned leather to help protect your laptop.

Harber London Slim Leather MacBook Sleeve Case

Harber London Slim Leather MacBook Sleeve Case

Walnut MacBook Dock by Grovemade

Whether you’re storing your laptop while you do other work or just use it for connection purposes, this stunning dock will significantly reduce the footprint of your device.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

Secure and stylish storage

BaseLift Super Thin MacBook Stand

Offering a slight angle, this stand puts your screen at the perfect height and angle for computing. However, it isn’t just the lift that is ultra convenient. In addition, the BaseLift Stand attaches onto to your MacBook so you can use it anywhere.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

Elevate the way you work

AirBar Touchscreen Sensor for MacBook Air

This is a unique plug-and-touch solution for your MacBook Air. Making your MacBook screen touchscreen compatible, you get a brand new way to interact with your laptop.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

Expand the functionality of your laptop


And, for those who prefer the traditional form of computing, the iMac is your one-stop solution. With these accessories, you can ensure to retain the minimalist aesthetic of this all-in-one without doing away with your productivity.

ProBASE HD USB-C Aluminum Monitor Stand by MonitorMate

Totally sleek and minimalist, this stand has everything you need right at your fingertips. The ProBASE uses aluminum to offer a durable platform to securely hold your monitor. In addition, it can also work as a laptop stand. But, there’s more to this stand than meets the eye.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

One place to connect it all

Lavolta Carrying Case for iMac

This has been specially designed for the Apple iMac 27″ series. Created by iMac users at an East London hackathon, it lets you pack your workspace into a carry-on style bag and sling it over your shoulder.

Lavolta Carrying Case for iMac

Lavolta Carrying Case for iMac

Grph Minimalist iMac Light

The light is compatible with all versions of the iMac from 2012 to present and beyond. Elegant and simple, the wooden light sits atop your monitor to illuminate your space. The simplicity comes into full effect even down to the power source: a USB connector.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

Light things up

PIXO – Magnetic Tablet Mount for Desktops

Connecting your Apple-infused life, this system puts your tablet on the same plane as your iMac. You can use PIXO by itself, by simply mounting your tablet next to your computer to have your information at eye level, or share the screen content across devices using a third-party app, effectively transforming your tablet into a second display.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

Your workstation expanded

Walnut Monitor Stand

Featuring a stunning walnut wood design, the Monitor Stand works wonders with sitting or standing desks and adds extra space below your monitor to store your keyboard, mouse, hard drive, books, and more.

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

A natural touch to lift up your workflow

With these accessories by your side, you can take your Apple experience to all new levels. Did we miss your favorite accessory? Let us know in the comments!

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