A-Audio Legacy: The New King of Headphones or Just Another Imitator to be Swept Aside?

A-Audio Legacy: The New King of Headphones or Just Another Imitator to be Swept Aside?

Beats by Dre. The single most recognizable name in the audio/music industry. It seems like Beats by Dre are the go to headphones if you want to look cool and feel cool. This doesn’t always guarantee quality but sometimes, perception is all that matters. Samsung is trying to jump into the same sector with their Level line of headphones but they seem to have only a marginal improvement on what Beats has already done.

Enter A-Audio, a small Miami-based startup that seeks to not just beat the competition; they seek to wipe the floor clean with the competition. How is that accomplished? Through a standout design, maximum comfort, and the best audio experience around. Let’s dive in!



The design of the A-Audio Legacy rather steampunk-esque with the exposed screws and curved metal but it’s not so over the top that only steampunk aficionados will buy them. I find them to be pretty slick and contrasting compared to the designs of most other headphones in the same range. The Legacy comes in a chrome silver and matte black, the chrome is a bit lighter and cheery while the matte black looks almost terrifying. I like it.

Part of the style and design appeal of a pair of headphones involves the comfort level. It’s not enough to design cool looking headphones, they need to look good and feel good because most people who buy a pair of a headphones at this price will be wearing them for extended periods of time. The Legacy definitely delivers, with a light weight and soft cushioning, these headphones are perfect for long music sessions, wherever you are. Even better is the active noise reduction which makes it easier to drown out the buzz when you need to be focusing on a task at hand. I for one love to listen to music to get homework done and the noise reduction would help me be even more productive.


Audio Quality

Most headphones in the same price range sound about the same, it’s really more to your preference of audio mixing. Beats is more bass heavy while Bose is more flat, it just depends on your listening style. With the Legacy, you can choose the audio style you prefer. You can have normal, active noise cancellation or bass enhancer activated by a switch on the right ear cup. Not only do you have these wonderful choices, you have higher quality drivers than any other pair of headphones in the same price range. Crystal clear highs, deep strong bass, a truly immersive experience. For $299, you’re looking at buying the cool headphones, the Beats, or the best headphones, the A-Audio Legacy. It’s up to you.

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