You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You See the Ultra-Slim VETR PANL1 Speakers

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You See the Ultra-Slim VETR PANL1 Speakers

If you were asked to draw a typical speaker, you would probably start with a rectangular box. Then you might add a mesh and a sound hole. This imagined piece of audio equipment would probably be quite heavy, with a fair-sized footprint. After all, this is how speakers usually look. But VETR Audio looks set to trample all over these preconceptions. The ultra-slim PANL1 speakers are made from a carbon fiber mesh that measures just 1.3 millimeters thick. In spite of these minuscule dimensions, they offer 96 watts of output power. They make it hard to believe your eyes.

– Stainless steel stand and ultra-thin carbon fiber mesh, with 12 colors available

– 115 decibels of clear sound and 96 watts of output power

– Acts as a complete sound system, including a powerful subwoofer

Believe Your Eyes

Apartment life has never worked well for passionate audiophiles. With little enough room to eat and rest, it’s difficult to justify filling your living area with bulky audio equipment. Yet without a good sound system, even the best tracks can fall flat.

VETR Audio seems to have heard this cry for help. Using innovative technology, this team of two has created a truly flat speaker. The PANL1 can pump out serious sound, yet it’s small enough to fit on any desk.

[tweet_box]The ultra-slim PANL1 speakers are just 1.3 millimeters thick[/tweet_box]

In addition, this range has 12 different styles to choose from. Whether you prefer flashy gold or stealthy black, there is something for everyone.

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Innovative Technology

It seems impossible that a speaker measuring just 1.3 millimeters thick can produce 115 decibels. The idea goes against everything we know about audio. Yet this is exactly what the PANL1 system achieves, thanks to some clever technology.

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Inside the stainless steel base of each speaker, there is something called an exciter (aka transducer). This component sends vibrations running through the carbon fiber mesh. These tremors are largely invisible to us, but you can certainly hear the results.

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The two desktop PANL1 speakers deliver crisp melodies and hi-hats. Underneath your worktop, the slightly bulkier subwoofer adds some rumble. The system connects to your audio source of choice via Bluetooth, or you can opt for a traditional wired connection.

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Natural Style

Don’t think for one moment, however, that VETR is merely obsessed with thinness. Much like a supermodel, these speakers are both svelte and beautiful.

At 11 inches tall, they certainly strike a pose on your desk. The mesh comes in 12 different finishes, including a simple bare-metal look. You also get to choose between stainless steel and matte black bases.

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With some of the flashier colors, the VETR cutout on the base is somewhat distracting. But otherwise, these speakers are incredibly handsome.

“We’re two brothers from Phoenix who think speakers need a facelift. Instead of rehashing old ideas we decided to throw the rule book of design for what speakers have always looked like out the window and start from scratch.” — VETR Audio on IndieGoGo

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What We ❤️

It’s rare to see something truly new in audio nowadays. The PANL1 definitely fits this description.

Future Designs

While the subwoofer is relatively compact, it is still much larger than the general-purpose speakers. A smaller footprint would be welcome in version two.


– IndieGoGo: Until January 2018

– Pledge: $249 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow Members get 10% off!

– Delivery: June 2018

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