Best security cameras to buy for your home in 2021

If you ever wished you had a smart home camera to capture a thief in the act or know who really knocked over the plant, it's time for DIY smart home surveillance. Continue reading to explore the best indoor and outdoor smart security cameras.

Best security cameras to buy for your home in 2021
Best security cameras to buy in 2021

If you’ve ever encountered a break-in or had something stolen from in front of your property, it’s time to feel safer in your home with the best security cameras we included in today’s article. These smart cameras monitor far and wide and feature live footage to alert you of any suspicious activity.

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We included a combination of indoor and outdoor security cameras to give you the best of both worlds. So, whether you want to catch lurking perpetrators in your backyard or double up your indoor camera as a pet monitor, we have you covered. Take back control and allow yourself mental freedom when you leave your property unattended with our selection below.

1. The eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro monitors all of your property and includes a  3,000-lumen floodlight to deter thieves.

Best security cameras to buy for your home in 2021
eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro in use in the dark

Monitor your yard day and night with the eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro. This home security system has a 360-degree, horizontal lens for a complete view without any blind spots. Moreover, it features AI technology to distinguish between a person and an object, so you’ll be alerted only when necessary.

Order this home surveillance system for $299.99.

2. Get only the alerts you need with the Google Nest Cam (battery). It recognizes the difference between humans and vehicles.

Best security cameras to buy for your home in 2021
Google Nest Cam (battery) in the rain

One negative thing about security cameras is the unnecessary notifications. Fortunately, the Google Nest Cam (battery) sends you only alerts that you need to know about. It’s great for indoor and outdoor use and comes with wire-free installation.

Preorder this smart home security system for $179.99.

3. With detailed night vision, the Anker eufyCam 2C is a security camera built for darkness. It also offers human detection technology.

Best security cameras to buy for your home in 2021
Anker eufyCam 2C in daylight

The Anker eufyCam 2C is an intelligent security camera; it detects body shape and body patterns to recognize humans. Furthermore, with 180 days of battery life, you needn’t worry about charging this camera. And its IP67 weatherproof rating enables it to withstand rain.

Purchase this home security system for $139.99.

4. The Vivint Ping automatically records when it detects motion and noise. This smart camera also has a wide-angle lens.

Best security cameras to buy for your home in 2021
Vivint Ping on a table

Don’t miss a single detail in your home when you have the Vivint Ping. This smart camera records 20-second clips when it detects movement, making the footage easy to watch and share from the Vivint app. Additionally, its Full HD 1080p resolution provides a crisp, clear quality.

Buy this indoor security camera for $199.99.

5. Keep tabs on your home with the Swann Xtreem. This smart camera features True Detect technology for fewer false alarms.

Best security cameras to buy for your home in 2021
Swann Xtreem attached to a tree

The Swann Xtreem has everything you need for peace of mind, including a generous 110-degree field of view to cover broad areas surrounding your home. Also, it can see up to 26 feet and includes powerful infrared night vision, which automatically turns on in limited lighting.

Order this outdoor security camera for $179.99.

6. The Nooie Cam Indoor is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and offers 2-way audio.

Best security cameras to buy for your home in 2021
Nooie Cam Indoor recording in a home

Allow Nooie Cam Indoor to be like another pair of eyes monitoring your home when you’re away. Most impressively, it includes 6 infrared lights that can see up to 32 feet away. Moreover, this indoor camera also features motion and sound detection and sends you instant alerts if it detects unusual activity.

Purchase this security camera for $39.99.

7. Protect any room in your home without compromising on personal privacy with the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera.

Best security cameras to buy for your home in 2021
Arlo Essential Indoor Camera in a home

Receive an alert to your phone if the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera detects movement in your home. With Full HD 1080p video, you can see every detail clearly, and 2-way audio allows you to take immediate action. Overall, it’s quick and easy to set up on a shelf or wall.

Order this security camera for $99.99.

8. Boasting a 180-degree FoV, the ecobee SmartCamera pans and zooms around the room. It also includes smoke alarm detection.

Best security cameras to buy for your home in 2021
ecobee SmartCamera from the front

Do you tend to fret about leaving your home for long periods of time? The ecobee SmartCamera is always prepared to record an intruder. Plus, it’ll automatically shut down when family members are around to preserve the battery and respect your privacy.

Buy this indoor security camera for a discounted price of $79.99.

9. The Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro recognizes human silhouettes and features 3 million pixels for clear footage.

Best security cameras to buy for your home in 2021
Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro indoors

Upgrade your home security with the Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro. This camera includes a 940 nm infrared light to show color video even in low lighting. Also, the dual microphone uses noise reduction technology for clearer communication with family members at home.

Purchase this camera for $30.50.

10. The Wyze Cam v3 features an alarm, bright night vision, a 130-degree FoV, time-lapse videos, person detection, and more.

Best security cameras to buy for your home in 2021
Wyze Cam v3 fixed to a tree

Finally, the Wyze Cam v3 provides smooth playback at 20 fps, so you can watch recordings without loading errors. Moreover, it offers both sound and motion detection and sends alerts to your phone when necessary. It’ll even alert you if your smoke or CO2 alarm goes off.

Buy this smart security camera for $35.98.

These are the best security cameras on the market right now. Packed with a ton of smart features, these cameras are a great alternative to a cumbersome security setup. How do you keep tabs on your home when you’re away? Let us know in the comments.

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