Best smart home gadgets from CES 2020

If you are a smart home enthusiast, you will be thrilled to know that this year is going to be packed with a lot of new tech in this category. From smart door locks with smart keys to modular lighting systems, the best smart home gadgets from CES 2020 are versatile, innovative, and totally worth looking forward to.

Best smart home gadgets from CES 2020
Poseidon Smart Mirror with an Interactive Display

We’ve seen a lot of fresh tech at CES 2020 this year. Be it talking robots or zero-bezel TVs, things have been quite impressive when it comes to innovation. One of the major tech categories that saw a lot of new gadgets has got to be the smart home industry. From door locks to Wi-Fi 6 routers, it seems like 2020 is going to be super exciting for smart home enthusiasts.

With the open-source smart home standards, you can only expect to see more and more new gadgets come up in this field of tech in the coming years. For now, here are some of our favorites from the smart home category launched at CES 2020.

Comcast xFi Advanced Gateway Wi-Fi 6 Router

With more sophisticated hacking techniques arising every day, you need the Comcast xFi Advanced Gateway Wi-Fi 6 Router. It will help keep your home internet connection safe. Through the xFI digital dashboard, this internet router gives you a portal to manage your home internet. Additionally, this home internet protection gadget provides low latency so it won’t interfere with your online gaming. And you’ll even be able to enjoy 4K video streaming with this WiFi 6 device.

Samsung Ballie Rolling Robot

Shaped like a tennis ball, this cute little robot acts as a constant companion. This round little companion bot can follow you around your home and respond to your voice commands. It’ll help you achieve your health goals and ensure you stay on track with your schedule throughout the day. Just tell this ball-shaped robot when you need to schedule in your yoga session, and it’ll do it. The Ballie also acts as a remote control for any of your IoT devices.

Sony Z8H Series Smart 8K Android TV

One of the best parts of the Sony Z8H Series Smart 8K Android TV is its accessory: the remote. This remote is backlit, making it easy to see when you’re watching a movie at night. And the television itself comes in both 75″ and 85″ sizes depending on what type of space you need to fill. Plus, these ZH8 series televisions respond to voice commands from Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and more.

Lenovo Smart Frame Wall-Mounted Photo Display

The Lenovo Smart-Frame Wall-Mounted Photo Display gives you a 21.5-inch screen you can hang. With a 1080p IPS display, this digital frame ensures your photos look their best. Additionally, this smart photo display rotates 90 degrees, so you can use it for both landscape and portrait photos. Whether you want it horizontal or vertical, this smart frame will pull images from the cloud to show off. And it’ll even make collages if you want it to.

Philips Hue Lily XL Large Spotlight

This spotlight gives you 16 million color choices to liven up your outdoor area. So you can set a warm yellow light for a calm evening atmosphere. Or you can choose a colorful outside light for the holidays or a nighttime rave. Whatever you pick, this outdoor spotlight will keep it lit up completely. That’s because this large spotlight emits up to 1,200 lumens. And with an 11-inch length and height, the Lily XL won’t get lost amongst your shrubbery.

Philips Hue Lily XL Large Spotlight

Philips Hue Lily XL Large Spotlight in the Garden

CookingPal Julia Smart All-in-One Cooker

With the CookingPal Julia Smart All-in-One Cooker, there’s no way you can mess up a meal. This kitchen assistant will help you prepare meals more efficiently and cook faster. With a step-by-step guide through the process, this smart cooking device will ensure that you feel confident all along the way. Julia will guide you through how to properly chop ingredients with exact, weight-based measurements.

Lenovo ThinkSmart View Microsoft Teams Display

With this dedicated display, you can communicate with coworkers anywhere. Additionally, the ThinkSmart View gives you a specific screen on which to make Microsoft Teams audio and video calls. Furthermore, with this dedicated video call screen, you can keep the chatter and collaboration off your primary computer. That allows you to engage with your Microsoft Team on one screen while continuing to work on another. Perhaps you’re working on a design mock-up as you brainstorm ideas.

Lenovo ThinkSmart View Microsoft Teams Display

Lenovo ThinkSmart View Microsoft Teams Display on a Tabletop

Ring A19 & PAR38 Smart LED Lightbulbs

These LED bulbs connect to the Ring app so you can manage your household lighting from anywhere. Because these smart LED lightbulbs are so easy to install, you’ll have your lighting system up and running in no time. Primarily designed for outdoor use, each smart LED light can withstand temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit. However, they’re also great to use indoors.

August Wi-Fi Smart Deadbolt Lock

This smart lock connects directly to your home wi-fi network and allows you to remotely lock or unlock your door, check door status, and grant virtual guest keys. You can even see who is coming and going. It attaches easily to your existing deadbolt so you can keep your original keys. It’s also compact, so it will work with any door and won’t look like an eyesore. And you won’t believe the extra features in this lock.

Blue Doorbell Camera HD Cam

Simply attach the Blue Doorbell Camera HD Cam to your exterior wall by your front door. Then, you’ll have better vision than you thought possible. In fact, this outdoor doorbell camera shows you who’s at the door in HD video quality. And you’ll never be left wondering who’s there because this Blue by ADT cam offers night vision, too. With a 180-degree field of view and two-way talk, this outdoor doorbell cam makes sure you can not only see anyone but also speak to them.

Kwikset Halo Touch Fingerprint Smart Lock

The Kwikset Halo Touch Fingerprint Smart Lock trades a number pad for a fingerprint scanner. In doing so, this smart lock is able to maintain a smaller size than previously. And though it’s small on the outside, this fingerprint lock has quite a bit of storage. In fact, it’s able to store up to 50 user profiles and 100 fingerprints. So you can let in all your family members, friends, and workers you want—or delete their profiles if necessary.

Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys

If you are looking for a smart home security system that is truly worth a try, the Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys is what you must look forward to. The keys in this system are customizable, impossible to duplicate, and you can deactivate or reactivate them with just one click from the app. These smart keys work just like any other conventional key but if they are lost or stolen, your home’s security is not at risk. With the app, you can also activate a new set of Smart Keys by yourself.

Samsung 4D-Flex BESPOKE Customizable Refrigerator

If you’ve ever wished for more fridge space, the Samsung 4D-Flex BESPOKE Customizable Refrigerator is your answer. Likewise, this fridge is the solution if your current appliance takes up too much space in your kitchen. The BESPOKE refrigerator has a modular design that you can update as your needs change. Add an entire full-height fridge if your family grows and you need more storage space. Or add several smaller compartments if you want more organized storage.

Poseidon Smart Mirror

You can not only customize this smart mirror to sizes both big and small but also flip the orientation to either landscape or vertical. There’s also the option of choosing between different lighting setups, different color frames, and more. You can easily use the different modules to make this mirror more like yours. Some of the most prominent features of this mirror include a multitouch surface, an ambient light sensor, a touchless frame where you hover your fingers above the glass, different color LEDs, and so much more.

Kohler Moxie Alexa-Enabled Showerhead

This speaker fits right into your showerhead, as long as you have the compatible one from Kohler. Once it’s in, simply ask Alexa to change the song or podcast. Or you can pause music when you’re done bathing. And because this Alexa shower speaker offers up to five hours of battery life, it’ll have you listening to music for weeks before you need to worry about recharging. Of course, the Moxie is waterproof, and it actually has an IPX67 rating.

Nanoleaf Learning Series Smart Lighting

The Nanoleaf Learning Series Smart Lighting goes beyond beautiful lighting, which the company already mastered. This new series actually learns what your lighting preferences are so you don’t have to do as much work. Built with U-IQ sensors, this smart lighting collection includes three gadgets. There’s a Learning Button, a Learning Light Bulb, and a Learning Switch. Each of these devices works together so the Nanoleaf lights create just the atmosphere you’re accustomed to.

Which one of these smart home gadgets appeals to you the most? Share with us in the comments below.

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