Bristly is the chew toy that cleans your dog’s teeth

Dogs require a lot of the same health attention as humans such as exercise, good food, and plenty of love. As such, their teeth need cleaning just like ours do. Bristly helps dogs do it themselves.

Bristly is the chew toy that cleans your dog’s teeth
  • Can dogs get cavities? They can, but they’re not as common as in humans. Dental problems for dogs are usually plaque and tartar buildup. They can also get gum disease.
  • How much does it cost for a vet to clean your dog’s teeth? Prices vary based on location and medical needs, but you can expect anywhere from $125 to $400 for a standard cleaning.
  • What’s a less invasive cleaning method? Bristly is a dog teeth cleaning device disguised as a chew toy – no vet appointment required!

For dog parents, keeping our pets happy means also keeping them healthy. We recently shared a blog about how you can enrich your dog’s life, but their routine health often gets overlooked. In fact, they need a lot of similar attention that humans need.

Cleaning your dog’s teeth is a great way to maintain their health.

Any vet will tell you that dental hygiene in dogs is imperative. But, we’ve only really had two options:

  • 1. Pay expensive vet bills for cleaning that often involves a sedative.
  • 2. Deliver a highly unpleasant and often traumatizing at-home cleaning.

That is – until now. Bristly is a dog toothbrush disguised as a chew toy. Safe and effective, this is the one toy every dog should have (and will love to use).

Can a chew toy really clean my dog’s teeth?

Yep! Bristly has lots of features to help break up any buildup on your dog’s teeth. In fact, it’s loaded with small bristles (hence the name!) to clean all the way down to the gum line. Here are some truly innovative features of Bristly:

  • Stabilizing paw pads: Bristly is designed with your dog in mind. These pads help your dog to securely hold the toy in place for optimal chewing.
  • Meat flavored: Enticing and tasty, the flavor encourages your dog to continue chewing for the full five minutes a day.
  • Two-sided bristle line grooves: These bristles surround your dog’s teeth and work all the way down to the gums.
  • A spot for toothpaste: You can add in dog toothpaste if you’d like and it will slowly dispense for all-over freshness.
Bristly is the chew toy that cleans your dog’s teeth

Large dog loving to chew and clean

Of course, all of these thoughtful features come from tons of research as well as valuable input from veterinarians. With four out of five dogs experiencing dental issues early in life, Bristly is making huge changes for the health of man’s best friend.

The details

Bristly comes in three sizes to suit all types of dogs. Dogs weighing 40 lbs. and more should go for the large and those up to 25 lbs. should have the small. For dogs in between, there’s the perfectly sized medium.

Bristly is the chew toy that cleans your dog’s teeth

This pup doesn’t even realize how proactive he’s being with his dental hygiene

In addition to this, Bristly comes in an extremely durable version for the strong chewers. Featuring natural rubber, this dog toy is non-toxic and also eco-friendly.

Does the dog actually enjoy it?

The great thing about Bristly is that it’s a positive experience for both you and your dog. Trips to the vet are often really expensive and can include sedating your dog. If you use a manual brush, it can take hours and hours to properly train your dog to be okay with the experience. For those who don’t properly train for brushing, dogs can become traumatized.

Bristly is the chew toy that cleans your dog’s teeth

Blissfully unaware that chewing Bristly = better breath

I got to test out the extremely durable Bristly on my dog, Oskar. He instantly took to it thanks to its impressively intuitive design. I thought he might struggle with the shape or need some sort of instruction but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Right out of the box, Oskar correctly used his paws around the base and began to gnaw on Bristly. He loved chewing to his heart’s content. Even days later, he still chooses it out of the toy box for a little chew time.

Check out his first time using Bristly:

If your dog doesn’t take to Bristly straight away, you can always use something like peanut butter to get them interested. You’ll get the same effective cleaning while your dog gets a tasty treat. You can even use dog toothpaste to help freshen up your dog’s breath.

What we love

Bristly makes brushing your dog’s teeth totally effortless and a joy for your dog. It really is durable to outlast even the chewiest of chewers. What more could we ask for?

Bristly is the chew toy that cleans your dog’s teeth

Inside or outside, Bristly seems like just another amazing toy for your dog

Future designs

Bristly is already expanding their offering with a tongue cleaner. With this attention to detail and dog happiness, we can’t wait to see what they come out with next.


– Kickstarter: Until August 10th
– Pledge: $22
– Delivery: October 2018
– Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

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