9 Call of Duty accessories and gaming gadgets you need to go pro

From quality headsets to high-resolution gaming monitors, you'll need to upgrade your equipment if you're looking to take your Call of Duty game from the amateur ranks to the pros. Check out our favorite Call of Duty accessories.

9 Call of Duty accessories and gaming gadgets you need to go pro
Call of Duty Setup with Amazon Alexa Speaker

Call of Duty has been a staple of FPS gaming for years, but the recent release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is bringing the franchise back to its competitive roots. Competitive Call of Duty players have a lot to look forward to, with the first season of the Call of Duty League set to start January 24th, hosting 12 top teams in Minneapolis.

The Modern Warfare series is a competitive first-person shooter that emphasizes individual skill and superior teamwork to take down your competition. While the game comes with a stunning campaign, it’s the multiplayer feature that has helped Call of Duty make its mark in the gaming world.

If you’re an amateur competitor looking to break into the pro ranks, the event will also feature the first Call of Duty Challengers Open for up-and-comers to make themselves known.

Whether you’re an established vet or an amateur talent, you’ll need a solid gaming setup at home to give yourself a competitive edge against online competition. There’s plenty of Call of Duty accessories out there to take your gaming experience to the next level, regardless of whether you’re playing on Xbox, PS4, or PC.

Xbox DPM X019 Exclusive Wireless Controller

Style matters whether you’re gaming on a competitive Call of Duty stage or on your own at home. The Xbox DPM XO19 controller was designed in collaboration with maharishi and DPM Studios. This exclusive controller will release with only 1,000 copies, so if you manage to snag one, you’ll be sure to stick out from the crowd. While it doesn’t look like standard Xbox controllers, it still offers Bluetooth communication. It’s also built with rubber grips to give you a better handle on the controller, and thus your competition.

Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless PC Gaming Headset

Nothing sets your gaming apart like a quality set of headphones. The Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless PC Gaming Headset will help you hear your enemies before they hear you, giving you a leg up in every encounter. Not only that, but the headphones also increase your immersion significantly. Razer Hypersens gives your headset rumbles in addition to sound to make it feel like you’re really there. Like the rumble in your controller, the haptic technology in your headphones will physically respond to sounds in the Call of Duty environment to keep you laser-focused on your in-game objective.

PlayStation C40 TR PS4 Gaming Controller

The PlayStation C40 TR controller was designed for competitive gamers to give you more customization options than your standard controllers. This Astro-built controller lets you swap the D-pad to find the right fit for you, as well as remap buttons on your controller to whatever works best for you. It’s also more durable and serviceable than stock controllers, so while it costs more upfront, it’s sure to last you longer than any other controller out there.

Razer Raptor 27-Inch Gaming Monitor

Once you’ve got your audio and controller dialed, the next most important aspect of your gaming setup is your monitor. This Razer Raptor 27-Inch Gaming Monitor is sure to be an upgrade from whatever you have set up at home. It comes with an IPS HDR display and a DCI-P3 color gamut, which will give you extremely dynamic colors and a crystal clear image. Its 144Hz refresh rate is optimal for gaming, giving you a better frame rate, even as you turn quickly and run around the map. It even comes with Ultra Low Motion Blur technology so your video quality stays sharp regardless of how fast you turn.

Razer Raptor setup

Designed to minimize motion blur while you game

Xbox Adaptive Controller

For those who can’t use traditional controllers, this Xbox Adaptive Controller will give you a new way to compete online. It comes with many different options to accommodate gamers of all abilities. The large rectangular controller sits comfortably in your lap or on a table in front of you, and it comes with large programmable buttons that can sit on the floor or on your desk. The back of the Controller is equipped with 3.5mm ports that correlate to traditional controller functions. From there, you plug in the peripheral accessories to match your abilities.

Person using Adaptive Controller

Customizable to accommodate all abilities

AOC C27G1 27” Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

If you want a more reasonably priced gaming monitor, the AOC C27G1 is a great option that’s loaded with modern technology. It’s slightly curved to wrap around you, which better engages your peripherals and immerses you deeper into the Call of Duty universe. It also comes with AMD FreeSync, which smooths out your frame rates for competitive gaming, giving you sharp visuals as you make quick reactions. And its 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution is sharp, giving you great detail when you’re scoping out enemies at a long-range.

Origin PC Big O All-in-One Gaming Machine

Many of us are loyal to a specific gaming system. But if you can’t decide between Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation, why not have it all? The Origin PC Big O All-in-One Gaming Machine is an attempt at just that, giving you the look of a traditional PC, but with a built-in Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, so you can choose your system at will. It’s constructed with 2 TB storage so you’ll have no issue storing games and video clips of your best Call of Duty moments.

Seagate Xbox Game Drive Hub

If you like to play a lot of different Xbox games, the built-in hard drive might not give you enough storage to download all the games you’d like to enjoy. The Seagate Xbox Game Drive Hub gives you a whopping 8TB storage, which can hold more than 200 Xbox games, so good luck maxing it out. Two built-in USB ports make it quick and easy to transfer games to your hard drive, and it transfers at up to 160MB per second for fast backups and transfers.

Seagate next to Xbox One

Holds more than 200 games

Acer Predator Thronos Air Gaming Chair

If you’re a hardcore gamer with a big budget, you might want to look at the Acer Predator Thronos chair. For a smooth $14,000, this computer chair is more like an all-out gaming cockpit. The chair can tilt back 140º and support three displays so you can completely immerse yourself in the Call of duty universe. Of course, you’ll first need to make sure your floors can handle the 715-lb load.

Whether you’re an established professional or a rising amateur, you’ll need the right Call of Duty accessories to compete at the highest level. The new Modern Warfare has revived one of the greatest esports games in history. Now it’s time for you to make your mark. What Call of Duty accessories would you add to our list?

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