The Chevalier stemless glasses automatically aerate your wine

The Chevalier stemless glasses automatically aerate your wine

Whether you’re a sommelier-level wine lover or simply enjoy a nice glass, there’s no disputing that aeration is a must. This system instantly enhances the wine, even bottles with a small price tag. However, many aerators cost a pretty penny. In addition, we often forget that we have aerators and they’re left to collect dust in a drawer. But, the Chevalier stemless glasses solve all of that. These wine glasses:
– have a built-in aeration system
– automatically aerate your wine
– feature durable glass for daily use

Automatically Aerate Your Wine

Inside each of the Chevalier stemless glasses is a simple yet highly effective aeration system. Coming up from the center of the glass is a thin stem as well as a small chalice. However, this interior vessel is complete with small holes around the circumference. As you pour your wine into the center, it pours out and into the main glass. You get fully aerated and enhanced wine with rich flavor and aroma.

The Chevalier stemless glasses automatically aerate your wine

A Self-Contained System

Even with the aeration module inside, you still get a full glass of wine with each pour. The aerator in the Chevalier stemless glasses is raised high enough by the stem to successfully aerate 7 ounces of wine. Of course, you can also use these glasses to help you aerate any tipple you please. In fact, there is enough space inside the aerator to fit an ice cube. Your spirits can be aerated and chilled simultaneously and instantly without watering down your beverage.

The Chevalier stemless glasses automatically aerate your wine

Thoughtful Design

The Chevalier stemless glasses solve every issue of current wine glasses. In addition to bringing out the best flavor in your wine, these glasses are less likely to topple over. By removing the stem, the Chevalier stemless glasses have a low center of gravity. This design also contributes to a sleek and modern aesthetic. Featuring highly durable Pyrex glass, these glasses are also a breeze to clean right in the dishwasher. And, if you prefer a traditional design, the brand also offer a stemmed version.

The Chevalier stemless glasses automatically aerate your wine

What We Love

The Chevalier stemless glasses are a one-stop solution for an enhanced wine experience. We love that it so flawlessly aerates!

Future Design

These glasses are revolutionary in their form and function – we could only ask for a higher capacity!

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– US: official website
– EU: official website
– Price: $56
– Set: 2 glasses

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