CivCraft – Legends of Ellaria is an Epic Combination of FPS, RPG and Sandbox Gaming That Reshapes You Virtually Into a Warrior King

If there’s one industry that has gradually transformed into becoming man’s biggest form of entertainment, it has to be the plethora of video games out there. Through their enticing features and modes of play, this sphere of technology has actually given mankind the power of living a life full of drama and action practically unimaginable in real life. What has really brought forth this kind of charisma in gaming is the introduction of gaming technologies such as the First Person Shooter (FPS), Role Playing Game (RPG), sandbox gaming etc. which has drastically made this virtual world look more like a real one.

On top of this, there are also gaming gears which enhances this experience all the more with features such as eye-tracking. No doubt all this efficiency has led this industry to draw more sales than movies for quite some time now. But this is still just the beginning of the real magic video games can eventually bring about, the latest venture from Larkon Studio being proof to it. By innovating a revolutionary gaming concept like CivCraft, they have truly designed an epic (virtual) legend of the future.

Ellaria Is An Alluring Realm Of Spellbinding Adventures

Born out as an idea from two experienced game developer’s mind over a cup of coffee, CivCraft is one of those iconic games where you get to play like a true king. Starting from battles to ruling kingdoms and fighting demons, this game is a lot more than just a normal encounter. This is primarily because of the intelligent thinking behind this gaming concept which has actually merged the best from FPS and RPG together with sandbox gaming. But it doesn’t stay limited to this only. Instead what it does is take the experience to a brand new arena altogether by enabling you to switch between these gaming levels and choose your own mode of play. By placing yourself in the scenario, it’s you who gets to decide whether you wish to battle alone or raise an army. The main story is there but CivCraft’s speciality lies in letting you build your own story within the game itself. You and only you is the sole hero throughout the play.

CivCraft Video Game Reimagined

The story is nothing less in creating that strange passion gamers generally need to have before starting their virtual mission of conquer. It’s ideally a king’s journey with his clan from the decaying world of Marra to the alluring realm of Ellaria in search of the RiftStone (which is the source of all magic and quite naturally wanted by every clan). But the real adventure starts in Ellaria which is an endless domain of exploration and dangers. You’ll get to interact with new creatures, build and rebuild your kingdom, collect resources and ancient artifacts which will eventually help you in raising a powerful kingdom of your own. These would include the rifts connecting you with ancient ruins and harmful creatures like the Ogres and Goblins. Your real challenge would be to fight the other clans who’ll also have their entry into this kingdom along with everything else and prove yourself as the ultimate conqueror. Sounds like a terrific adventure, isn’t it?

You Are The Sole Hero Of The Entire Play

This entire story, however, does not follow any strict guidelines that need to be followed. You can ride through your own quests and build your story yourself. You’ll also have the power to develop the character you choose to play and become a master through your own efforts. Designing of weapons or any item ranging from cities to furniture is again in the power of your hands. As stated earlier, this game is one which will make you feel as if you’ve built it yourself once you get over with a play.

The credit definitely goes to the clever engines and algorithms behind the game that gives you such an excellent experience as you traverse the journey while playing. This includes the Learning AI engine for developing the non-players in the game, the optimized graphic engine for superb graphics throughout, unique real time engine that enables the game to be ever active in terms of happenings anytime anywhere, world evolution algorithm that causes your surroundings to change depending on the situation and finally, the multi-alignment algorithm that never stops the game due to any affective step you take.

CivCraft -Legends of Ellaria

Since the game evolves depending on the decisions taken by the gamer, the team decided to give the power of investment to the gamers themselves and has thereby chosen Kickstarter for crowdfunding. Currently the project has started raising funds to meet its $150,000 goal and is looking forward to making this expedition a reality in the world of gaming in the coming days. CivCraft has been made to support cross-platforms and will be available on PC, Mac and Linux post funding. Depending on their stretch goals, the team wishes to bring the game to Xbox, PS, Tablets and other devices and adapt it to work perfectly with them. The digital downloadable copy will be only available for Kickstarter backers now at a price of $20. Becoming the true legend of Ellaria is just a few steps away. Happy Gadgeting Gaming!

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