Commence This New School Year With These Back to School Goodies

Commence This New School Year With These Back to School Goodies

Lon Watters had once said, “School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.” Indeed, it’s one of those first places where we are actually introduced to the world of education and learning. A place where we, for the first time, understand the values of friendship and how pleasant an idea it is to share our belongings with each other. School days are always memorable for every individual who has been through the horizon of education in their lives. While the summer break has been the ultimate relief for school goers all this while, it’s now time to get prepared for a whole new year full of new assignments to finish and new adventures to discover.

But one thing that inevitably goes with the new school year is the Back to School season of shopping which is probably the only exciting part for students this time. With events giving away school goodies and essential back to school shopping tips enriched articles spread across the web, it seems this year is in a cheerful spirit to welcome a fresh season in education for those in whom lies the future of the country. To make the celebration a bit more stylish and sophisticated, here we have some of our best stationeries and accessory collection that are worthy to make the Back to School season rock its way up the ladder. Dive into some good school shopping now!

American Flag Backpack by American Apparel

Back to school American Flag Backpack by American Apparel

It’s a 100% cotton bag with a nylon zipper closure that makes the entire piece extremely comfortable for everyday use. Since the print draws its inspiration from the American Flag colors, this backpack can really make the inherent patriotic student in you rise up each day as you travel to school.

Magnetic Chalkboard Weekly Planner

Back to School Magnetic Chalkboard Weekly Planner

This 5.5 x 20 inches chalkboard plus magnetic board lets you plan up your weekly schedule using both the memo as well as the chalkboard approach on one single planner. The chalkboard idea may seem old-school and that’s exactly why this neatly organized planner has got a magnetic side to it as well.

Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters

Back to School Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters

Carry your everyday lunch of sandwiches and cookies in a new style by using these creative transport favored cutters designed to minimize food waste. Lunch becomes fun for kids as they get to play with their car shaped sandwich or plane in the cloud shaped cake that only looks different but never snatches the taste out of your favorite food by any chance.

Drumstick Pencils

Back to School Drumstick Pencils

If the drummer in you comes out during breaks between classes in school, here’s a perfect set of pencils that can adapt to this change by being drumsticks themselves. It’s for you to vent out your creativity as and when you prefer which may lead to a detention once noticed by the teacher. So, be careful while using this!

Alphabet Erasers Set

Back to School Alphabet Erasers Set

Each set comes with 7 random English alphabets your kids would rather use to learn their English than as erasers. You can, ofcourse, go for the entire alphabet set and make use of them in teaching your kindergarten masters their first round of A, B, C but in a more colorful way.

Sprout Pencil With a Seed

Back to School Sprout Pencil With a Seed

A perfect pencil school goers must use because each one of them has a seed capsule within. When it becomes too small to use, you plant it and water it. The seed begins to germinate after you water it a few times. That’s how you can make a plant out of your pencils once they run out of use.

Vitapens Highlighter Pens

Back to School Vitapens Highlighter Pens

Ideally a set of 10 different colored highlighter pens which are shaped like vitamin pills especially for the health-conscious generation. The colors available are a mix of purple, blue, yellow and orange which look adorable as tiny pills on your desk anyone else might mistake as regular pills anyday.

iCreate Crayon Stylus

Back to School iCreate Crayon Stylus

Drawing on smart interfaces isn’t a big deal for your kids today but with this stylus, things are much more magical and extraordinary. The stylus looks exactly like a normal crayon so that your little ones get to enjoy the natural style of coloring even while using tablets.

Organic Cotton Lunch Bag

Back to School Organic Cotton Lunch Bag

While carrying your everyday lunch, we often waste a lot of paper with the use of paper bags each day. But through this cotton lunch bag, it’s actually going to be a contribution to mother earth as you save a lot of paper wastage the year around.

Mahogany Leather Pencil Case

Back to School Mahogany Leather Pencil Case

It can accommodate all your daily stationery needs, including a scientific calculator. The wallet is constructed from genuine italian cowhide and is an ultimate durable piece you can have as a pencil case for school with the richness of leather sparkling around.

Salami Notes

Back to School Salami Notes

Especially for those who want to make their desktop more delicious and palatable with salami shaped notes. If you’re sick and tired of seeing the same old rectangular memos and notes on your desktop, get rid of them all and get this 1,000 memo block of salami.

ETORI Leather sleeve for you iPad Air or iPad Mini

Back to School ETORI Leather sleeve for you iPad Air or iPad Mini

Carrying iPads is a must for today’s school goers and this classic case can be your best way of protecting the gadget from any wear and tear it might face due to daily use. The case combines beautiful design with the finest materials available, and not to forget flawless functionality and protection for you iPad.

Bedtime Story Bookmark

Back to School Bedtime Story Bookmark

Those eerie pair of feet popping out from your last read page may often scare your fellow readers but you can’t deny the fact that it does look trendy that way. Since the feets are colored in blue, there might be some who’d take this as a “smurfingly” inspirational form of tracking your reading status everyday.

School’s got its own way of having fun and it’s time you get some unusual charm introduced in your school life or that of your kids (if parents are reading this) while shopping for the upcoming year of education this month. Happy Schooling!

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