Coolest Clock Pioneers an Interesting Method For Displaying Time and Much More

Coolest Clock Pioneers an Interesting Method For Displaying Time and Much More

Although technology has literally engulfed our entire style of living, the wall clocks still seem to be stuck in one single zone forever. No matter how innovative designers try to be in making them look at par with all other accessories (tech and non-tech) you use at home, you can’t deny that every wall clock undergoes a mechanical approach alone. Wristwatches, on the other hand, have had the pleasure of getting transformed into smartwatches every now and then. But wall clocks…Uhm, well you know the answer already!

However, my today’s review is about to change that perspective and in a really good way. Bringing the concept of projection into wall clocks, the Coolest Clock on Indiegogo is probably that one clock your tech-savvy lifestyle definitely deserves. This is because this clock does not project time alone. It’s a one stop hub for all your digital information, be it weather updates or the latest news.

Coolest Clock review

Displays Time and Your Digital Data

The idea of launching one such personalized wall clock was to get rid of those boring clock faces that never seem to have evolved since the sun-dial. Coolest Clock is an out of the box projection clock which can be personalized to display a number of clock faces as well as valuable information. The faces you can choose from are bright and colorful which can also be made to complement the decor of your room. So the clock face for kitchen would be different from that of your bedroom.

Coolest Clock wall clock

Now the twist here is the additional information you get to view apart from time. This could be anything from weather updates, Facebook status, latest tweets, your family’s location on the map, photos, sports scores and a lot more.

Coolest Clock wall clock projection

You can mount this clock easily on the wall and once plugged in to a power supply, the Coolest Clock turns your room into an aesthetic beauty. The features can be easily controlled via the smartphone app (iOS) which is connected to the clock using wi-fi so that you can customize your clock even from a different country. Wow!

Coolest Clock on Indiegogo review

Stay Connected to Your Home While On the Go

This clock could also come handy for displaying information to your family members such as your location and recent social media updates. That way, you’ll be able to stay connected with your family even when you’re on the go. When could a wall clock do that before? Just to motivate yourself and your family, the clock can be used to feature quotes as well. In fact, this could be a great way you can view your to-do list everyday. To save energy, the clock includes a low-energy Bluetooth chip which when paired with your smartphone, can help you save power and allow the clock to turn on or off only when you’re nearby. Multiple time zones, automatic daylight savings – You can’t imagine how the Coolest Clock can benefit you in a number of ways.

Innovative wall clock - Coolest Clock

No wonder this clock is already doing good rounds on Indiegogo. With most of their early-bird editions sold out, the current pre-order price is $189. Order one now before the stock really runs out. Such wall clocks are definitely hard to find and hence the name Coolest Clock. Happy Gadgeting!

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