This customizable tritium watch illuminates in the dark for over 12 years

Looking for a practical and stylish watch to update your wrist? FullGear is water-resistant and glows in the dark so you can clearly see the minute and second hands, even when there's no other light source around. Continue reading to discover what other features this watch holds.

This customizable tritium watch illuminates in the dark for over 12 years
FullGear customizable tritium watch with a blue dial

A watch might be integral for your work life, daily routine, or fashion. While there are all kinds of watches available—smart, waterproof, and engraved types—it’s challenging to find a fully functioning watch that combines all of these features and excels at them.

Fortunately, the FullGear customizable tritium watch doesn’t just illuminate in the dark for readability, but it also automatically lights up in low-light conditions so you can see the time no matter where you are. Requiring no charging or external power source, it continues to glow customizable shades for 12 years and beyond—making it great for workers and those searching for a low-maintenance wristwatch.

Lets you read the time in complete darkness

One of the standout features of this customizable tritium watch is that it clearly shows the time—even when you’re in complete darkness. If you work in a dark environment and need to see the time, this can be a difficult task. And, if your phone is out of battery or you don’t have a torch on hand, there’s no other way to view a watch’s face.

To provide the perfect viewing experience, the designers of FullGear made it with gaseous tritium light sources (GTLS). This technology uses a combination of tritium and phosphors to produce visible lighting. Not only can you clearly see the minute and second hands, but this watch also produces stunning lights that make it beautiful and practical. It’s a must-have wearable for diving, military operations, and working in security where you need a reliable watch that presents the time.

GTLS is up to 100 times brighter than comparative technology and produces an equal stream of light throughout each element of the watch. It’s also completely safe as the gases are sealed in tubes that cannot leak and become exposed.

FullGear customizable tritium watch

FullGear customizable tritium watch facing forward

Doesn’t require external electrical energy

This customizable tritium watch is designed for those who appreciate style but are searching for a practical, everyday wear gadget. Although GTLS boasts an incredible appearance, it’s not high-maintenance. In fact, GTLS technology doesn’t require an external power source or sunlight to operate. Instead, it continues to work without you having to do anything; it’ll automatically illuminate in darkness.

You’ll fall in love with the lights the watch produces. GTLS technology ensures that you can clearly see every detail of the watch’s face without any subtle fading. Therefore, you can remain in a darkened room for hours without the fear that the light will suddenly dilute.

FullGear customizable tritium watch

FullGear customizable tritium watch on ropes

Glows for up to 12 years

You may have seen light-up watches before. But what makes FullGear so special? Compared to traditional luminescence watches, GTLS produces bright lights that aren’t harmful to the human eye in pitch-black conditions. Most impressively, the watch continues to glow for up to 12 years—and sometimes longer.

FullGear customizable tritium watch

FullGear customizable tritium watch on a desk with a camera

Fully functional and durable

And just like the tritium tubes, the watch is equipped with high-quality features. This ensures it continues working and remains durable for many years to come. In particular, the 316L stainless steel case offers ample protection for durable rugged use. Furthermore, the sapphire crystal glass provides a beautiful sparkle against lighting and is virtually scratch-resistant. This material can also withstand cracks and has a low chance of breaking. Also, its leather strap feels comfortable against your wrist for long wear, and won’t irritate your skin like plastic materials can.

In addition, you can use this FullGear customizable tritium watch underwater. It boasts 200-meter water resistance so you can wear it while diving, when swimming, or in the shower without any limitations.

FullGear customizable tritium watch

Various faces of the FullGear customizable tritium watch

Offers customizable colors and designs

Tastes change, and you can’t guarantee that you’ll still like the same watch in five years’ time. Instead of having to upgrade your entire watch, you can choose the case, dial, hands, strap, and even the color of the tritium tube. In fact, FullGear offers over 10,000 customizable designs. Therefore, you can continuously update the look and stand out from the crowd.

Reading time in darkness can be a big challenge for watch owners, but FullGear minimizes this inconvenience. I’m in love with the customizable options that make it perfect for various occasions and different people’s tastes.

Preorder the FullGear customizable tritium watch for $293 on Kickstarter. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedback in the comments, too.

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