9 Dash cams every driver should have right now

People are using cameras more and more. We have them on our front porches, monitoring our yards, and in our homes. They keep us apprised of everything going on in our world. In many cases, they are useful in finding out important information and can help us track what happened when something goes wrong.

9 Dash cams every driver should have right now
Installed VEZO 360 4K 360-Degree Smart Dash Cam

One of the ways you can and should be incorporating cameras into your life is by using a dash cam. Dash cams are a great thing to have if something goes wrong. With more lawsuits happening around us, it’s important to have proof of our actions. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to certain things.

You should also be mindful that state laws vary regarding the usage of dash cams, so you’ll need to make sure you live in an area where it’s okay if you’re looking to purchase one. But if you someplace where you can have one, you should. If you get in an accident that wasn’t your fault, it could make a huge difference. What if that person in front of you slams on their brakes and you rear-end them? Your dash cam footage could be your ticket out of higher insurance premiums. Or what if you’re involved in a hit-and-run and need to find the culprit?

And some dash cams even come with AI technology such as facial recognition, collision alerts, and lane-departure alerts that could prevent accidents and potentially save your life.

Garmin Speak Plus Alexa Dashboard Camera

This dashboard camera gives you everything you love about having a Garmin device in your car, and more. The Garmin Speak Plus Alexa offers turn-by-turn directions, so you aren’t scrolling through your phone while you’re driving. And it connects wirelessly to your device to access Amazon Alexa. You can play music, control smart devices, and more with the power of Alexa in the car with you. The “more” comes into play with the camera. This Garmin device will automatically record your drives, and it saves the video instantly in the event of an accident. It also has collision detection and alerts for upcoming traffic.

Thinkware U1000 Front & Rear Dash Cams

Most dash cams are just that—on the dash. But the Thinkware U1000 gives you all-around visibility since it provides a camera in the back of the car too. It has a driver warning system to help you stay safe, and acts as another set of eyes on the road for you. The front dash cam can record 4K video at up to 30 frames per second, and the rear came records 2K video at 30 frames per second. You can use these cameras day or night, and they have wide viewing angles, so they’ll capture everything. Which is just the assurance you need.

Cobra Road Scout Radar-Detecting Dash Cam

The Cobra Road Scout serves as more than just a dash cam. It’s also a radar detector. It will tell you if speed cameras or red light cameras are around—but you’re going to be driving safely, so you won’t need those, right? But we all know it’s easy to have a lead foot when you’re on the highway going long distances, so having that radar dinging when it detects something is a great reminder to slow it down. This dash cam records in full HD 1080p, and it can detect impacts. It connects to Wi-Fi, so you can edit, view, and share recordings right from your smartphone.

Cobra Road Scout Radar-Detecting Dash Cam

Cobra Road Scout Radar-Detecting Dash Cam in Use

Nextbase 522GW Alexa Dash Cam

The Nextbase dash camera records in 1440p HD, so you’ll have crystal-clear footage. And that clearness is super important if something happens and you’re trying to figure out just what happened and who you might be looking for. You’ll be able to see license plates clearly. And it has a 140-degree viewing angle, so you’ll be able to see all around the front of your car. Even better, it has Alexa built in, so you also have an Alexa car accessory. With just a voice command, you’ll be able to play music and audiobooks and answer phone calls. And you know how much we love a multi-function device.

VEZO 360 4K 360-Degree Smart Dash Cam

The VEZO does everything most other dash cams do, but this one comes with something extra. It has built-in AI. What it will do is scan your face for telltale signs of drowsiness and warn you before you fall asleep. How awesome is that? Because we all know how dangerous it is to drive while you’re tired. This dash cam could save your life.

Thinkware Sports M1 Dash Cam

The Thinkware Sports M1 is unique. This dash cam isn’t for your car, truck, or SUV. Instead, it’s for your motorcycle, ATV, or other motorized vehicles. You won’t need to worry about rain, dust, or mud because it has an IP66 rating. And since your ride will be bumpier, the M1 has built-in advanced Electronic Image Stabilization to make sure you have smooth video recordings. The M1 has built-in Wi-Fi, and it charges off of your vehicle, so you won’t need to worry about the battery.

Pioneer ND-DVR100 Low Profile Full 1080P HD Dash Camera

Most people are familiar with the name Pioneer and that they deliver a quality product. If you’re looking for a dash cam from a name you can trust, you’ll want to look at the ND-DVR100. It offers a full HD video resolution and a two-inch screen. Because it’s more compact, it won’t take up a bunch of room and be a distraction while you’re driving. It’s also great for capturing LED traffic light colors, so you won’t be unsure about if you ran the red light or the other car did. It also has built-in GPS for added metrics that become important in determining the cause of an accident.

Garmin Dash Cam 66W

The Garmin Dash Cam 66W offers a fantastic field of vision with 180 degrees, even though it’s so compact. It also captures crips 1440p footage and works in low-light conditions. It also features voice control in six languages, as well as driver alerts for collisions and lane departure warnings. The Garmin Drive app allows you to playback footage from up to four cameras on your smartphone, and the 66W automatically records and saves footage.

Garmin Dash Cam 66W

Image Credit: Honest John / Garmin Dash Cam 66W Mounted on a Windshield

Roav DashCam C1 Pro

The Roav C1 Pro is a great deal if you’re looking for a camera that won’t set you back a few hundred dollars. You’ll have 2K resolution, GPS, and instant video access. It’s also motion-activated, so what that means is that a gravity sensor activates the camera if your car is bumped or moved. If someone attempts a hit-and-run, you’ll be able to identify them. You can also leave it in the car in all weather since it has extreme temperature resistance.

Roav DashCam C1 Pro

Image Credit: The Krazy Coupon Lady / Roav DashCam C1 Pro in Use

We’ve probably sold you on dash cams now, if you hadn’t been thinking about one before. Which one of these has made your shortlist?

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