Your cat will love the EPIC! puzzle feeder

Food is usually the best way to motivate a cat. If you want to keep your feline friend active, the EPIC! puzzle feeder provides a good mental challenge for tasty treats.

Your cat will love the EPIC! puzzle feeder
  • What is a puzzle feeder? Unlike a regular food bowl, a puzzle feeder makes your cat work for treats. It’s like playing sudoku for ice cream.
  • Why do I need a puzzle feeder? Such devices help to keep your cat moving and mentally active throughout the day, rather than simply lying on the couch.
  • What is the best puzzle feeder for cats? With loads of fun little crevices and multiple difficulty settings, the EPIC! puzzle feeder will provide hours of feline amusement.

In the wild, cats have to work for their dinner. Light paws, sharp senses and quick thinking are the requisites when your prey is a fast-moving rodent. In contrast, a bowl of dry biscuits would seem like an incredibly easy meal.

Of course, you won’t find your feline friend complaining. But fast food isn’t necessarily good for your cat. In general, it’s better that he or she has to work for their treats. The EPIC! puzzle feeder by Amazing Cat offers this kind of challenge, with a variety of small apertures for your cat to decipher. Furthermore, the box offers different difficulty levels to suit different cats.

The ultimate cat feeding toy

It might look like one of the boxes you transport birds in, but the EPIC! feeder is made only for cats. The corrugated double-wall shell has numerous openings that tease your cat with tasty treats. Some serious feline problem-solving skills are required in order to unlock a reward.

[tweet_box]If you want to keep your feline friend active, the EPIC! puzzle feeder will provide a good mental challenge for tasty treats.[/tweet_box]

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Keep your cat(s) occupied with EPIC!

Despite being made from cardboard, the puzzle feeder is surprisingly strong. In addition, the EPIC! Feeder can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

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EPIC! is strong yet recyclable

Instead of filling the oceans with yet another discarded cat toy, you will be replenishing the earth with this biodegradable product.

How does a puzzle feeder work?

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The many challenges of EPIC!

Setting up EPIC! is pretty straightforward.

The box arrives flat packed, but you only need to stick down a couple of glue strips to make it stand. Six inserts form a kind of Swiss cheese-style maze inside the main shell — this is where you can hide the treats.

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EPIC! has several layers to explore

The order in which you arrange the inserts dictates the difficulty level for your cat. While the green section has large apertures that are wide open for fumbling paws, the pink and yellow sections demand lateral thinking.

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Some cats might need EPIC!’s easy setting

There’s enough here to keep your cat occupied for hours, and the box is sturdy enough to support the weight of your cat. Aside from the mental stimulation and physical effort, it’s a good way to control how quickly your cat devours treats.

“EPIC!: Bringing the enrichment and stimulation of the hunt to indoor cats! The ultra-boredom-buster and better feeder for your favorite feline.” — Cat Amazing on Kickstarter

Tasty treats

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EPIC! makes tasty treats even more interested

There are dozens of puzzle feeders on the market, but few offer the depth that EPIC! provides. We are pretty sure that your cat won’t get bored with this thing in a hurry.

Input required

To keep your cat interested, you will probably need to keep changing the inserts around every so often. Otherwise, this puzzle feeder should be pretty self-sufficient.


– Kickstarter: Until November 16th

– Pledge: $26 USD

– Delivery: January 2019

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