The Es. 2 Watch Collection is the Finishing Touch Your Style Needs

The Es. 2 Watch Collection is the Finishing Touch Your Style Needs

How many watches have you owned over the years? Did you get a new one because yours broke or was it because it went out of style? How many of your watches felt as if they were made just for you? If you’re suddenly realizing you’ve never had the perfect watch then the Es. 2 is the one for you.

Another set of show-stopping wrist watches from Emerton Scott, the Es. 2 Collection features automatic watches packed with sophistication. Designed for both men and women, the watches in this collection instantly enhance any outfit or style.

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The Es. 2 Collection is the epitome of luxurious British style. Made of 316L stainless steel and featuring striking roman numerals, the collection offers watches in gold, rose gold, or classic silver to complement your look. Holding the 38mm timepiece on your wrist is your choice of Italian Hirsch or vegetable tanned leather. The leather comes in chestnut brown, black onyx, royal blue, deep burgundy, emerald green, or Oxford brown.

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At Emerton Scott, the designers take their watches seriously. In addition to being manufactured by timepiece experts, the Es. 2 Collection comes in a strictly limited edition of only 500 pieces. Because there are so few, they ensure that each is equipped with the longevity to be your favorite watch of all time.

To make the experience even more unique, the Es. 2 Watches can be personalised with their complimentary engraving service. Simply choose a name, a date, or even your favorite quote to make this watch totally you.

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At 9mm thick, the watches in the Es. 2 range stand proudly on your wrist yet remain flush against your skin. Fitting wrists from 14 to 23cm in diameter perfectly, the stainless steel case is completed with a sapphire coated crystal with an anti-scratch finish. With a 10ATM water resistance rating, these watches are made for your every day. This attention to the finer details keeps the watches in the Es. 2 Collection a cut above the rest while ensuring they look great for a lifetime.

es2 watch in blue leather

This attention to detail even extends to the luxurious packaging which makes any of the watches in the Es. 2 Collection the perfect gift. Live on Indiegogo for another month, the Emerton Scott team have already raised over 13% of their goal in just a few days. To reserve your one-of-a-kind watch with delivery in March 2017, you only need to pledge £139 ($175).

Only one question remains: which color case and leather will go you go for?

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