FLUXO Is a Smart Lamp that Caters to You

FLUXO Is a Smart Lamp that Caters to You

We tend to decorate our homes based on aesthetic and design only to discover later that the function of our new digs doesn’t quite live up to the beautiful design. Namely, we buy lamps and shades and bulbs all to make our spaces nicer but that’s not always the case. Some bulbs emit light that is too cool and others too warm. Some take ages to be at their anti-climatic brightest while others create a spotlight effect. Typically, our light sources are poorly managed as they don’t have many features that can be managed. But, FLUXO is the world’s first truly smart lamp.

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this lamp is absolutely stunning. Beyond its looks, it serves as a customisable light source that can adjust the placement of the light as well as the warmth and ambience with a single button.

FLUXO at home

This pendant style lamp is actually outfitted with 300 powerful yet sensitive LED lights. The ingenious design and engineering allow you to fully dim or brighten the lights and select the warmth or coolness to virtually any setting whenever you want. But, what’s truly astounding about FLUXO is that you can chose to illuminate any part of the room you’d like, or all of it. It also has a remarkable uplighting function. Selecting from a huge variety of color options, you can set the perfect mood for a party, dinner, or just to watch a film. FLUXO is perfect for any room in the house.


To achieve your ultra customised settings, you simply tune the accompanying app. The app shows an interactive photo of FLUXO so you can select precisely the amount of lighting you’d like, activating only the bulbs you’d like. Amazingly, as you turn your phone, the image of FLUXO rotates as well so you always know exactly the light you’ll get. And, because your phone is always on you, you don’t need to worry about keeping track of a small remote. The app also lets you save your light settings so each ambience is just a tap way.

FLUXO details

The auto on and off feature of FLUXO is clever enough to detect your presence when you’ve entered or left a room and chooses the best scene of light accordingly. From there, you can adjust, or paint, the light as you wish. This smart lamp has a real time response to your adjustments, letting you see your light painting as you go.


FLUXO is currently on Kickstarter with a campaign that ends on January 11th. You can secure your own FLUXO smart lamp for a donation of just $395 and they will retail for about $725.

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