Gadget Flow Year in Review – 2017

Gadget Flow Year in Review – 2017

It seems like just yesterday we were rounding up our previous year in review. Nevertheless, 2017 is just about over and, if we look back on all we’ve done throughout the year, we are, in a word, unstoppable! Apart from having approximately 18,200 cups of coffee, we reached nearly 300M+ people in 2017. What surprises us is not just the fact that our platform is becoming popular but also that so many people actually take an interest in watching us scale. We’ve published 4,641 new products this year and launched 12 new categories. But that isn’t all. If we have to jot down every milestone of this year, here’s what the list would look like:

1. Attended CES 2017

It was nothing less than a tech festival. There were gadgets and new technologies everywhere we looked and in the middle of this hunt, we also got to meet Steve Aoki.

2. Gadget Flow Dashboard

Gadget Flow Dashboard V1 - Released on June 2017

Gadget Flow Dashboard V1 – Released on June 2017

Launching a dashboard for our customers gave a new boost to our services and helped us maintain better transparency with our customers. Since last June, the on-boarding process for our customers has become way more streamlined and efficient but it also helps them monitor their performance, request changes, or upgrade their plan straight from their dashboard.

3. Branding with Another Circus

Evolving Gadget Flow's brand with another circus. Design Process 5

Evolving Gadget Flow’s brand with another circus. Design Process 5

Over the past few years, the Gadget Flow has experienced some phenomenal growth. All thanks to our viewers, we’re happy to be one of the largest product discovery platforms in the world. Of course, with growth comes change. Especially in the tech industry, change is inevitable and always welcome. We take what we do seriously and have the most fun doing it. To bring us to this next level, we decided to give our logo a refresh.

4. Partnerships with Make48 and Global Crowdfunding Convention

We also made sure to team up with those who are trying to promote innovation in their own way. One of these partnerships was with Make48 which has always been one of our favorite TV shows for budding product startups. We also sponsored the 6th Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention(GCC), along with Microsoft, ForbesBooks, and other industry leaders.

5. Gadget Flow AR, VR and 3D

Captured from an iPhone X device with iOS 11

Captured from an iPhone X device with iOS 11

One of our biggest achievements this year would be the launch of Gadget Flow AR. It gives viewers a real-world shopping experience to make product discovery more entertaining than ever before. And with the arrival of Apple ARKit, things started rolling for our iOS app as soon as we decided to launch this new feature. With Augmented Reality, online product discovery on our app is taking a step ahead. While our iOS app users get the benefit of exploring products in AR, the web platform users can always explore them in 3D or in VR (Virtual Reality) with the help of Sketchfab. Head over to our Available in VR category or download our iOS App today.

6. Accountability and Compliance

At Gadget Flow, we believe that brands of all sizes should be accountable for what they deliver. We’ve followed in the footsteps of Indiegogo and Kickstarter to design our own compliance regulations for crowdfunding campaigns.

7. Gadget Flow Badges

To separate and celebrate those upper echelon products, we’re announcing the Gadget Flow Badges.

To separate and celebrate those upper echelon products, we’re announcing the Gadget Flow Badges.

We won’t deny that despite featuring 12 new products every day, we do have our favorites. These are products that simply and easily impress you the moment you see them. To separate and celebrate those upper echelon products, we announced the Gadget Flow Badges.

8. Achievements

When it comes to listing our achievements, we feel that 2017 has been quite generous to us. We are now officially considered Indiegogo and Kickstarter Experts. In fact, this year, we’ve had over 2,400+ customers submitting their campaigns on our platform.

9. New Hires

Great work only happens if you have a great team. With that said, 2017 brought us 8 new amazing people. We also launched a separate blog category on “Working Remotely” to share our team’s tips and tactics for being productive while working anywhere in the world.

10. What’s Next?

As proud as we are of our work in 2017, we’re not stopping there. 2018 is going to be all about growth, new product releases, new features, redesigns, strategic partners, more conferences, and Gadget Flow V3 which will be, by far, the best version we’ve ever released.

We couldn’t have done any of the above without your support. So on behalf of my entire team, I wish you a prosperous 2018. Happy Holidays.

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Evan Varsamis is an Entrepreneur, Founder / CEO at Gadget Flow Inc, Investor and Marketing Advisor at Qrator Ltd and Contributor at Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post and American Express Essentials.
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