Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 – Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy S20 Ultra, and the Galaxy Buds+

From futuristic 5G smartphones to the next-gen foldable, Samsung Unpacked 2020 had some of the coolest tech for us. While the flip-design of the Galaxy Z Flip made us go wow and did remind us a bit of the Motorola razr, the S20 Ultra was a complete stunner with 100X zoom capacity. This event seemed like one of the more future-friendly ones from Samsung so far.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 – Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy S20 Ultra, and the Galaxy Buds+
Galaxy S20 Ultra in Cosmic Gray / Credits: MKBHD

We’ve been hearing a lot about the next foldable from Samsung and its latest 5G flagship launch for months. And yesterday was the day! Samsung showed us three amazing products at the Galaxy Unpacked 2020.

Here at Gadget Flow, we watched the Samsung Unpacked event…and got pretty darn excited. Samsung talked a lot about 5G, as expected, and they announced some fun partnerships with Thom Browne and the Olympics.

If there’s any phone that’s going to make you give up your iPhone, it’s the new Galaxy S20 and the new Galaxy S20 Ultra. The camera uses AI tech to take better pictures than before, and the camera can zoom up to 100x.

And if you’re looking for the next coolest thing ever, behold the Galaxy Z Flip. Holy smokes, is this thing awesome or what? It looks amazing, and the little notification screen on the outside is a fantastic touch.

To top it all off, are the Galaxy Buds+. The upgraded speakers and mics will give you an even better listening and call experience than before, and you’ll have up to 22 hours of listening time.

There’s even more information, and we have it all in today’s Samsung Unpacked daily digest, so you’re going want to check out all of these amazing features and stats.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Folding Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Folding Smartphone is a dual-screen phone. This compact, playful smartphone can bend in half. When closed, the smooth, sleek smartphone is half its full size and displays notifications as well as the time. You can even take photos and see who’s calling you without opening the phone. When you open the Galaxy Z Flip, you get a full 7.5-inch screen that has hardly any bezels at all. With its free-stop hinge, it’ll even stay open at different angles so that you can use the screens separately if you want. Designed with ultra-thin glass that folds, it’s built to last. In fact, it’s not brittle at all and protects the screen from scratches. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+ Series 5G Edition Smartphones

You’ll take better photos than you thought possible with the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+ Series 5G Edition Smartphones. Whether you’re a social media influencer, avid traveler, or devoted parent, you’ll love the cameras on these phones. Using AI technology, the S20 and S20+ take seriously impressive photos. With Single Take mode, you can capture different versions of the same moment by taking a 10-second clip. The phones use different cameras to find the absolute best shot—letting you choose your favorite. The AI tool even helps group your photos with subgroups and easy search functions. With a 64-megapixel high-resolution camera, these phones let you crop and zoom up to 30 times. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Smartphone

With the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Smartphone, you can magnify up to 100 times. Thankfully, you can store all these images with the 1.5 terabyte capacity when you add a microSD card. Most importantly, you can capture 8K video with this impressive phone. In fact, the Galaxy S20 Ultra gives you millions of more pixels in each photograph which is far beyond the 12-megapixel category. The larger sensor and anti-rolling stabilizer of the phone balances camera movement so your footage won’t turn out blurry and unstable, but super smooth. Together with the 5G modem, you can easily use the phone to upload and download content in an instant.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ 2-Speaker Earbuds

Built to enhance music and calls, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ 2-Speaker Earbuds have three microphones. Because of this design, they’re able to make sure you have the clearest calls whenever you need them. Delivering impressive sound quality, these two-speaker headphones totally immerse you in whatever you’re listening to. Turn on a podcast and tune out the world with the Buds+, which use two-way dynamic speakers to optimize both treble and bass notes. Additionally, the new Galaxy Buds offer up to 22 hours of battery life. That’s 11 hours from the earbuds themselves and another 11 hours from their case. 


Which one of these new announcements are you the most excited about? Share with us in the comments below.

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