Want to get fit? The new Ticwatch S&E smartwatches will help

In order to stand out, every smartwatch needs a unique selling point. With their smart fitness coach, the new Ticwatch Sport and Express watches hope to win over all the amateur athletes.

Want to get fit? The new Ticwatch S&E smartwatches will help
  • You don’t need to exhaust yourself to get fit. Setting a target heart rate can help you work out smarter.
  • According to many trainers, regular running is one of the best ways to lose weight.
  • The new Ticwatch Sport and Express smartwatches help you get fit by measuring key metrics. They have received some great early reviews.

Choosing the right smartwatch is hard. We’re pretty informed here at the Gadget Flow, but even we struggle to find an outright favorite. The problem is, most smartwatches do exactly the same things in different ways. What makes the new Ticwatch S&E watches unique is their built-in fitness assistant. This smart coach tracks multiple metrics and lets you manage your workout schedule. But can a watch, however smart, really help you get fit?

Ticwatch SE get fit 07

Sleek and stylish

Get fit

When it comes to fitness, motivation is perhaps the biggest barrier to success. You need to be motivated to get up off the couch. You need to be motivated to go running on a chilly winter’s morning. You might even need some motivation to stop shoveling junk food down your throat.

By measuring every aspect of your day, the new Ticwatch S&E (Sport and Express) watches can definitely provide some positive feedback. Working independently from your phone, they can count your steps, track your heart rate and record your daily intake.

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But these watches are more than glorified activity monitors. When you’re at the office or meeting friends, you can make notes and answer calls using your voice. You can also ask for Google Assistant, listen to Spotify and get GPS directions spoken aloud. It’s all pretty smart, really.

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Smart features on the go

Fitness first

Packed inside that slim casing, the Ticwatch S&E watches have a plethora of sensors. In addition to the metrics mentioned above, these timepieces can record how far you run and how many calories you burn.

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The Ticwatch S&E track your movements

The built-in Tic Fit assistant covers most bases, although it’s a little simplistic for the average fitness freak. However, you can also install your favorite third-party fitness apps. The S&E watches work with Strava, Google Fit and Runkeeper, to name but a few.

Ticwatch SE get fit 02

All activities covered

Everyday smarts

Even when you’re not in training, the S&E watches make themselves useful. They run on Android Wear, so you have access to thousands of apps in the Play Store. As a result, you can quite easily tweet from your wrist, call an Uber or play solitaire.

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The white version

The only difference between the two models is the placement of the GPS receiver. In the cheaper Express model, the receiver is buried within the watch. In contrast, the Sport version embeds GPS within the wristband for a stronger signal.

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Bright yellow

Both models are very handsome and surprisingly slim. There are three colors to choose from: black, white and glow-in-the-dark yellow. The watches are also waterproof to one meter and dustproof. Meanwhile, the internal battery will last for 48 hours on a full charge.

“Track your heart rate and steps, calculate calories burned, measure nutrition intake and manage your workout schedule independent of your phone. Also with its improved built-in GPS, Ticwatch S & E enables you to map your workout routine.” — Mobvoi

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Multiple options

The highlights

These watches may be designed for sport, but they look amazing. The Sport version actually won an IF Design Award for its combination of style and substance.

What we want

The hardware of these watches currently outdoes the software. An improved Tic Fit app could make all the difference.


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