Get Happy Feet with the Innovative Silverletic Sneakers

Locked away in leather and asked to support your weight throughout each day — your feet take some punishment. Unsurprisingly, this hard work causes some sweat to build up, closely followed by germs and the smell of old cheese. Furthermore, conditions like athlete’s foot and toe infections are pretty common. One way to fix these problems is by wearing Silverletic sneakers. With pure silver embedded throughout each shoe, they help to stomp out germs and odor. The sneakers are made both for everyday wear and hardcore workouts.

– Silver threads embedded in each shoe provide a natural germ-fighting solution

– Sneakers are designed to stay odor-free through every day

– Memory foam soles provide excellent comfort and support

Happy Feet

Achieving podiatry zen is not easy to say, but is even harder to do. Most shoes don’t take proper care of your feet. You need only remove your work shoes to be aware of the problem. The aroma can be overpowering. Worse still, this indicates that your shoes are filled with germs. The presence of these bacteria and fungi greatly increases your risk of infection.

Thanks to natural germ-fighting materials, the Silverletic sneakers should keep your feet happy. Stylish from the outside and comfortable from within, they are designed to stay odorless. In addition, they utilize pure silver to kill any bacteria that stick to your feet.

As a result, you should never succumb to Athlete’s foot and other conditions. Just as importantly, you won’t knock yourself out with foot odor.

happy feet 04

Odorless Wonder

Long before the first science labs could prove silver’s antibacterial qualities, people knew about them. The metal essentially prevents each bacterium from feeding and repairing itself.

happy feet 02

This disruptive mechanism is highly effective. Modern experiments show that silver can kill 99.99% of bacteria. What’s more, this trick keeps on working. Whereas germs can become immune to medical antibiotics, silver will remain potent for ever.

happy feet 01

The folks behind Silverletic have worked hard to get pure silver into these sneakers. Threads are woven into the main shoe via special Flyknit technology, and embedded in the insoles. Consequently, the number of bacteria drops to virtually nothing.

Aside from invisible problems, these shoes help your feet in more noticeable ways. The memory foam design conforms to the shape of your foot, providing long-lasting comfort. The sneakers are light enough for your daily run, or for more strenuous exercise. Likewise, you can wear them on your way to work or around town.

happy feet 03

The sneakers also have grippy soles that are incredibly flexible. You can choose from three colors — blue, white and black — and the Flyknit weave is something to admire. Available in sizes to suit both men and women, these might just be the best sneakers you ever buy.

“Silver has been scientifically proven to be a powerful antibacterial agent…it  kills 99.99% of bacteria within an hour naturally. With a new shoe-making technique call Flyknit, we are now able to lace pure silver threads into the shoes’ upper. These shoes will never produce foul odor, even after vigorous exercise, and they will stay as fresh as a raindrop for life.” —

happy feet 05

What We ❤️

Anything that can prevent smelly feet is good news. The design and build quality of these sneakers is also something to behold.

Future Designs

We would love to see this technology used for socks or dress shoes. Extra colors would be another welcome addition.


– Kickstarter: Until September 16th

– Pledge: $59 USD

– Delivery: September 2017

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