How to Make Good Use of Instagram For Your Online Store

How to Make Good Use of Instagram For Your Online Store

If you have considered Facebook and Twitter as the main pillars of your online social presence, it’s time to rethink! Let’s consider Instagram for a while. Statistics say that the app delivered brands 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter. We know that social networks have had a switch to the visual side of the World Wide Web with platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. So why not make use of them and maximize your product exposure to an extent you can. I believe that social media marketing isn’t confined to one network alone. It’s more like a buffet of various treats where you get to decide on how to enjoy each item without compromising on a balanced diet. Every social network has its own style and you need to use it accordingly. Don’t make the mistake of generalizing all of them because a hashtag which is popular on Twitter may not be as much popular on Instagram. So how do you take that step ahead?

Instagram marketing tips

After going through the Instagram user statistics, I have come up with some tips and tactics you can make use of.

1. Since this is a visual network, your photo or video is the major attraction here. So make sure you experiment with your product images as much as possible. It is said that open backgrounds and single dominant colors return more likes than others.

2. Instagram is the place where you can show what goes behind the making of your product. Say for example, you’ve launched a Kickstarter project on a handmade leather wallet. Use your Instagram profile to show scenes from the workshop on how you use the leather or hand stitch the sides and so on. Introduce your potential backers to the manufacturing side of your brand.

3. If you’ve already launched your product, why not use Instagram to show how your customers are using your product in real life. This is actually going to help you highlight your best customers and show the future ones how to use your product at the same time.

4. Apps like Repost and Layout will come handy when you want to re-post images from another profile or make collages out of multiple pictures respectively. They kind of break the monotony in your profile and add some freshness from time to time.

Instagram marketing tips

5. Use the filters wisely without blurring the effects from your original picture. If you want to try out different styles, platforms like Canva can be of help.

6. When posting an image or video, make sure you use a location because it helps in generating 79% better engagement.

7. Instagram is a very active social network. In fact, most comments for a picture or video have been observed to be posted in the first 6 hours. Make sure you stay logged in during this time and answer to the relevant comments you get. @mentions are always useful in getting higher engagement.

8. Hashtags are super important to make your picture visible in the Instagram crowd. The best thing I’ve noticed in Instagram is that it suggests the best possible hashtags whenever you type in a letter or a word post the hashtag symbol. Use as many hashtags (don’t use the too common ones as they might make your product be lost in the crowd) as you can think of and make your product reach out to the 300 million members of Instagram.

9. Let the highlight be on your product and product alone. Don’t divert the attention of your customers to a fancy background or a super set up that makes your product be lost in the frame.

10. Finally, make sure you share your Instagram posts across other social networks or embed them in your blog. Cross platform marketing always works.

Instagram marketing tips

Okay, now that am done with the tips, let’s head to some of the most amazing Instagram profiles from product manufacturers you can refer for inspiration.

1. The Gadget Flow (not biased!)

2. Madotta

3. Herschel Supple Co.

4. Shwood Eyewear

5. Grovemade

6. Olloclip

7. Polaroid

Have more to add to the list? Share with us in the comments below. Happy Marketing!

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