How to Use Pinterest at Its Best for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

How to Use Pinterest at Its Best for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

If you are aware of how to use Pinterest for your crowdfunding campaign, you can leverage it more than FaceBook and Twitter. It is the third most popular social network in the world based on referral traffic and daily active users. A 2014 study by Javelin Strategy & Research found “Pinterest users’ average order value to be around $123.50, which is about 126% more than Facebook users’ $54.64 average order value.” Now you see why you should think about engaging your crowdfunding audience on Pinterest more than you did till date.

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How to use Pinterest for your crowdfunding campaign

How to Use Pinterest Like a Pro?

So how do you leverage this social platform and make the most out of it? Here are some handy tips we think you can make good use of.

1. First and foremost, make sure your campaign has the “Pin-It” Button embedded for every product image. This will enable your existing customers to pin their favorite products on Pinterest. It should be prominent and not hidden in some corner where no one can see them!

2. Have a concise description and a few relevant hashtags which get highlighted with every product that is pinned by a user.

3. Don’t exaggerate the descriptions. They should be within 200-300 characters which are shared about 57% more than other product description lengths.

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4. Use lighter and detailed product images. Always remember, this is a visual social network so your product image is vital.

5. Taller images are shared 67% more than shorter images.

How to use Pinterest for crowdfunding

6. Research shows that Pinterest images without faces work better as compared to those with faces. The idea here is to highlight your product and give your audience an exact idea of how it looks.

7. Most users browse Pinterest during weekends. So try to use that time to do maximum pinning. According to Piqora, 70% of a pin’s engagement occurs in the first 2 days.

8. Create boards based on specific themes. West Elm’s Pinterest presence can give you a better idea.

9. Lastly, if you’ve got a budget for promotion, try to take advantage of the Rich Pins and Promoted Pins.

What else would you do to increase your campaign’s presence on Pinterest?

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