Mojobot is the funnest way to learn code

With programming skills becoming more and more valuable, it makes sense for your kids to learn code. Mojobot makes the process fun, with an interactive board game based around coding skills.

  • Why should my kids learn code? Looking towards the next few decades, many professional jobs are going to require coding skills. The kids with a head start should thrive.
  • Can you learn code without using a computer? Sure. Many kids’ games and toys now involve an educational, coding element.
  • What is the best way to teach my kids to code? With Mojobot, your kids will learn code while playing a fun board game. They won’t even realize they are learning.

For the last several hundred years, a good education was based around three skills: reading, writing and math. But as we progress through the 21st century, a fourth requirement is emerging. Many of the professional jobs of tomorrow will involve some form of coding. It makes sense to give your kids a head start.

Getting any bright 10-year-old to sit down in front of a code editor is almost impossible. But your kids will love learning to code with Mojobot. This fun board game brings programming and electronics to life.

How can you learn code from a board game?

When asked to imagine a board game, most of us would picture Monopoly or Cluedo. These long-serving family favorites seem very far removed from the high-tech world of programming.

Although Mojobot is also a board game, it offers a very different experience. Instead of moving metallic top hats and Scottie dogs around a board, your aim is to guide a friendly robot on a tabletop adventure.

board game - Mojobot is the funnest way to learn code

Mojobot is fun and educational

To do this, your kids must use special tiles to give the bot directions. These are in place of code snippets that you would otherwise use in development. By simply playing the game, every player practices their programming logic.

Educational fun

board game - Mojobot is the funnest way to learn code

Mojobot is an adventure in a box

The Mojobot game includes the robot, a map, and a board for the coding tags, along with tokens, cards and books. Put together, these items allow each player to start an adventure.


board game - Mojobot is the funnest way to learn code

Program your Mojobot with coding tags

The actual robot moves across the map, picking up and placing down tokens as instructed by the players. The bot also has a variety of sensors on board, allowing it to complete complex tasks.

board game - Mojobot is the funnest way to learn code

Mojobot grows with your kids

As players of Mojobot become more experienced, they can use ever more complex sets of instructions. You can even put multiple boards together to add more coding tags.

board game - Mojobot is the funnest way to learn code

More than just code

Along with coding skills, the game will help kids to improve their math and problem-solving abilities. It’s a brilliant way to keep bright young minds occupied.

“Mojobot is a tangible coding robot and board game that makes it really easy for kids and adults to pick up and learn the core principles of coding and robotics…Not only is Mojobot stacked with sensors, actions and comprehensive coding commands, with Mojobot your kids will learn coding through playing fun games.” — Project Lab on Kickstarter

Bringing code to life

Programming skills are more valuable than ever, so it makes sense to teach your kids early. This board game does the hard work for you, while they have loads of fun.

Bear in mind

The Mojobot game is a little complex to learn at first. However, it’s pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it.


– Kickstarter: Until May 8th

– Pledge: $130.04 USD

– Delivery: July 2019

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