Lilo Gives Your Fresh Herbs the Correct Growth Medium At Home

Lilo Gives Your Fresh Herbs the Correct Growth Medium At Home

Imagine your daily kitchen chores and then imagine a pot of fresh herbs sitting just right on your kitchen top, ready to enhance the taste of your meals every day. Won’t it be nice to grow your herbs at home and enjoy them afresh during meal times! But I know how difficult it becomes to water your plants and keep a check on their health time and again. Sometimes if you don’t pay heed to having your herbs well maintained, they die out in vain. Maybe that’s one of the primary reasons why we don’t prefer to switch to indoor gardening pretty often. What if I give you a planter that won’t require much tracking and will ensure to keep your herbs fit and fresh all by itself? It comes in a design made out of natural materials such as wood and ceramic which when positioned on your kitchen top will look nothing less than a beauty. To top it up, you get to enjoy a fresh variety of herbs for your meals as and when you want to. What I am referring to is Lilo – the easy way to grow fresh herbs at home!

Grow Fresh Herbs From a Capsule

Lilo is not an ordinary planter. It’s a beautifully designed indoor gardening system that makes you grow your herbs out of a capsule and keeps them healthy and fresh for a long span of time. All you need to do is water it every two weeks and let the rest be taken care of by the system. The team behind the creation of Lilo has been quite renowned because of their mushrooms that grow out of a box within a week. But now they wish to take a step forward and enter your kitchen with the herbs you use for your meals. The herbs include basil, thyme, mint, coriander, oregano, sage, rosemary and more. The procedure for growing herbs through Lilo has been inspired from an old Egyptian system which keeps your herbs floating on water and draw nutrients that way. No chemicals, no GMOs – your plants grow naturally by using a system that’s easy to maintain even by those who have a hectic everyday schedule.

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Let the Roots Grow Freely in Water

The system works in a simple way. You just plug Lilo, add the capsule and keep watering it every few days. The capsule comes with the ideal nutrients and substrate required to make your plants grow in a healthy manner. The patented floating design will enable the roots to grow freely in water and draw oxygen from there. Since the water pot is pretty big, there’s a span of two weeks required between each refill. Now, apart from water, plants also need light. So Lilo comes with an optimized light spectrum for herbs which is energy-efficient and can be height adjusted as well.

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Choose the Capsule You Desire

Every Lilo will include 3 capsules of your choice, the list of which will keep increasing once the team receives enough backing on Kickstarter. All the capsules are biodegradable so whenever you wish to add a new one on your Lilo, you can always take the old one out and have it planted in the backyard. With the corresponding mobile app, you’ll be able to get tips on growing your herbs, find new recipes as well as learn interesting facts on indoor gardening. If you choose the Smart Lilo version, you’ll be able to get real-time updates on your plant’s growth and tips on how to make the process even better. While the regular version is about to ship in November-December 2015, the Smart Lilo will be shipped from April-May 2016. However, you will need a smartphone and home internet to enjoy the benefits of the Smart Lilo version.

Lilo indoor planter on Kickstarter

Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, you’ll be able to pre-order one Lilo starting from a price of $53. Indoor gardening becomes even more beautiful than before. I can’t wait to grow some fresh thyme and coriander sometime soon. Happy Gadgeting!

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