Make that Perfect Meal Every Time With the Meld Cooking System

Make that Perfect Meal Every Time With the Meld Cooking System

I don’t know if you’ve faced this too often but I can’t poach eggs perfectly at all. Given the fact they happen to be my favorite breakfast, you can imagine how pathetic it is to see your poached egg overcooked or under cooked every time. I tried and tried but failed skillfully each time. Quite naturally, this speaks of my cooking skills and the fact that I couldn’t succeed with candy making as well as sous-vide was not an exception.

Well, I did look for options that could help me cook my meal with perfection but to be honest, I didn’t find a complete solution for all forms of cooking till date. Some may help you to bake like a hero while there are others making your sous vide preparation hassle-free but there wasn’t anything that worked for a variety of meal preparation until I discovered Meld. This Knob + Clip + Mobile App combo works as the world’s first precision stovetop cooking system – and possibly that one kitchen gadget I can’t do without!

Meld Cooking Knob

Automatic Temperature Control and Knob Adjustment

Whether it’s slow cooking, simmering, sous vide, poaching, frying or even candy making, Meld will upgrade your existing cookware and stovetop with automatic temperature control so that all your meals are perfect. Since it works fine with your existing cooking systems, you won’t have to worry about changing them or buying a whole new bunch of cookware too. The knob when attached to your cooktop will communicate wirelessly with a precision temperature sensor attached to your cookware. The Clip will monitor the temperature of the dish you’re cooking and with the help of the corresponding Android or iOS app, will automatically adjust the knob and control the heat that way. Truly a system that turns your dumb stoves into a smart, self-regulating kitchen apparatus.

Meld on Kickstarter

Controlling Heat on the Stove Made Easy

The idea to create something so useful didn’t come that easy. On an interview with Fast Company, founder Jon Jenkins had said, “We sort of dabbled around with a couple of different cooking ideas, and then we settled on this in April 2014. The first thing we actually built was a Bluetooth temperature transmitter, and the first thing we learned is that getting the temperature right is the most frustrating part ever. You crank up the heat, you overshoot; you crank it down, you undershoot. With our first prototype we learned, Holy crap! Controlling heat on a stove is hard. That’s what led us to build the knob.”

Meld cooking

Perfect Cooking Made Hassle-Free

What makes me like the Meld Knob + Clip is the fact that it takes the pain out of perfect cooking. No matter how skillfully you try to cook, to achieve that ideal temperature and cooking range is super difficult (especially for amateur cooks like me!). On the other hand, when you replace your existing stove knob with Meld, it does all the job by itself and gives you that perfect meal you desire every time.

Meld kitchen gadget

It automatically turns the burner up or down to keep the food at the perfect temperature. Now, the app is a superb controller here with 100s of pre-installed recipes you can cook easily. In fact, if you prefer specific recipes from your family line, you can add them too and enjoy cooking more like a stress buster than a headache. Watch how poached eggs are made using Meld here:

With their massive success on Kickstarter, Meld is all set to be launched this Fall 2015. Join on the mailing list to stay notified and start dreaming of a cooking experience you always desired to have. Cooking like a pro was never this easy. I can’t wait to master my skills on poaching eggs with Meld sometime soon. Happy Gadgeting!

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