Manaslu Casual Activewear Make You Feel and Look Great

Manaslu Casual Activewear Make You Feel and Look Great

We all know that working out leads to a healthier life. Despite the fact that we should be active every day, few of us have the best attire. While wearing an old band t-shirt from the 90s may cover you, it’s hardly the look you want for post-gym errands. But, with the Manaslu Athletics Casual Activewear, you can go from the gym to anywhere while looking (and feeling) great. This apparel:
– features revolutionary fabric
– offers all the conveniences
– is super fashionable

The Manaslu Activewear is a revolutionary approach to active clothing. Wearing it, you’ll feel comfortable all day no matter how grueling your workout.

Casual Activewear for a Modern You

At the heart of the Manaslu Activewear is the revolutionary VIV fabric. With this, the Manaslu apparel moves with your body for unprecedented comfort. This is because the VIV fabric allows for a full, 360-degree stretch. With each movement, the Manaslu apparel stays in place and stays comfortable. In addition, this fabric won’t shrink in the wash so you get the perfect fit every time. Finally, the VIV fabric is quick-drying, allows you to cool down, and never picks up any odor. All in all, these garments are perfect for active lifestyles.

Casual Activewear

The Garment of Your Choice

With Manaslu Activewear, you can deck yourself out in this innovative fabric. The Pullover, available in men and women’s styles, features a front partial zip. They both have a fashionable fit. The men’s has a relaxed fit while the women’s is flared.

In addition, Manaslu also offers an ultra cozy Shirt. Whether you’re on the treadmill or the rowing machine, it stays snug without feeling clingy. It also has super soft itch-free stitching so you stay focused. Finally, the Manaslu Everyday Air Underwear completes your look. Designed for men, it keeps you nice and compartmentalized and dry.

Casual Activewear

Forward-Thinking Fashion

The Manaslu Activewear is perfect for those who integrate workouts into their everyday. The apparel is as stylish as it is comfortable. Each piece also comes in a variety of colors so you can mix things up.

Casual Activewear

What We Love

The worst part of a post-workout is the lingering sweat and the smell. The Manaslu line gets rid of both. Everyone should be required to wear it!

Future Designs

While the men’s line is robust, it’d be great to have female-specific pieces. This way, we can all get the great benefits all over!

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Kickstarter: until March 1st
– Pledge: Underwear: $19, Pullover: $49, Shirt: $29, The Whole Set: $149
– Delivery: March 2017

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