Monsieur Robotic Bartender

Monsieur Robotic Bartender

When we think of new technology and where we’ll be in 50 years we think about robots, cars that drive themselves, and being able to smell our smart phone notifications. We think of how technology can replace everyday tasks so that our lives can become more efficient. Luckily for us, the future is here. Monsieur is a robotic bartender that delivers high quality cocktails the second you want one.

Monsieur uses artificial intelligence to create a menagerie of cocktails at the touch of a touchscreen. There are 12 unique profiles that buyers can choose from which provide themes for the drinks. Each profile has 25 different cocktails which means Monsieur is capable of doing 300 different cocktails. Monsieur is available in both home and business editions to cater to any and every cocktail need.

Monsieur for the home

Monsieur is 20” by 21” and weighs 45 pounds when dry. It’s powered by a 10 volt power cable and the Android-powered touchscreen is 10” and 300ppi. The internal containers hold an incredible 1500 mL so it’s always prepared. Monsieur can produce 150 drinks before it needs refilling so it’s perfect for parties- just add music.

Inside the brain of Monsieur are ingenious parts to ensure that quality is delivered. The microcontroller communicates with the thermoelectric coolers (to keep the contents cool), the peristaltic pumps, and the sensors to determine how much has been poured and how much is left.

The intelligence part really shows with its Home edition. Monsieur becomes your personal butler by adapting to your drinking habits. It learns your taste to make recommendations and can determine (via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or ZigBee) if you have guests and offer them drinks. If you’ve had a long day at work Monsieur can even detect your arrival and have your tipple ready to go. If your favourite team wins then Monsieur can automatically produce a celebratory cocktail just for you. You can pick your strength as well from Light (weaker) to Boss (stronger). Monsieur is connected to the cloud so new recipes can easily be added to the repertoire.

It’s perfect for restaurants and bars; Monsieur helps automate and optimise your business with the Control Center. Customers can order drinks from their smart phones using the Monsieur app and the drink is made instantly. The app shows where the closest Monsieur is and which drinks are available in each is so there’s no time waiting in long lines at the bar.


Managers can track all the orders through the cloud as well. The Monsieur system can alert staff to which customers will need a refill in order to boost sales and never miss an opportunity. Also, staff are able to monitor how many drinks are getting poured and if the robot needs any refills to keep customers happy. Monsieur’s precise pouring will guarantee exact measurements so money can be saved and customers aren’t getting over served (although you can personalise it to give you a double). Additionally, Monsieur can forecast trends among customers to anticipate which drinks will be most popular.

The app also provides a little trivia while people wait for their drinks. Customers can read about the name and history of the drink, the ingredients, and receive recommendations for other cocktails. Users can share their favourite cocktails with friends on social media as well.

Monsieur responsible drinking alerts

It’s not just all about the drinking, either. Monsieur’s brain tracks how much alcohol has been consumed (or, at least, dispensed) and alert you to your BAC if it’s reaching a dangerous level. Additionally, Monsieur can call a taxi to pick you up to get you home safely.

Sceptics wonder how Monsieur will battle the problem with underage drinking. As founder Barry Givens explains to CNN, wearable RFID chip bracelets may be the answer. Customers in a bar will need to scan their bracelet before being able to place a drink order.

Sam O’Keefe of TechCrunch reveals that Monsieur was showcased by the National Restaurant Association which caused a surge of interest, and pre-orders, from restaurants and hotels. Monsieur can be used for private tables, helping with orders at the bar, or be used in individual hotel rooms or lobbies or even for a personal home edition.

Monsieur is currently sold out of their first production but you can reserve yours for just $5.00. Full price for Monsieur is a whopping $3,999. But, when you realise you’re getting an all-in-one bartender that also tracks and monitors your drinking, it may just be worth it.

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