Ninja Sphere Promises To Turn Your Home A Mind of Its Own

Ninja Sphere Promises To Turn Your Home A Mind of Its Own

Smart devices are becoming increasingly more prominent as the technology inside of them advances. The future really points to smart automation and convenience, I myself would really like to have a smart home where I can control it through an app. However, most of those systems have an expensive upfront cost plus you have to buy specifically compatible equipment and pieces to make it all work. There is a new solution to such a thing, it’s called the Ninja Sphere and it promises to make all of your smart (and dumb) devices work together in harmony.


In Sync

One of the biggest turnoffs for getting a home automation system of my own is the extra, specific equipment that you have to buy to make it all work. Ninja Sphere uses an open source code that makes it possible for anyone to write a driver to make their product compatible. At launch, the Sphere will be compatible with 11 different manufacturers’ products, such as Nest, Pebble, and Hue.

Even better, Ninjablocks, the creator of the Ninja Sphere, is offering some smart accessories of its own that promise to much cheaper alternatives to buying an entire smart product. In other words, rather than buying a smart product, you can just buy the Ninjablocks Smart Socket and anything you plug into the socket will become controllable by the Ninja Sphere. There are also Smart Tags for tracking and soon, there will be Smart Bulbs. Now that’s a system I can work with.


In Control

There are two ways to control the Ninja Sphere: via an app or through touch or swipe controls on the actual device. With the app, you can get smart notifications that can alert you about certain things, such as leaving an appliance on when you leave the house. Because your phone will be connected to the Ninja Sphere via Bluetooth, the Sphere will always know when you’re around or when you’ve left. Also using the Bluetooth connection, the Sphere will be able to tell which room of the house you’re in and thus display contextual controls. When you’re not at home, you can use WiFi to remotely control the Ninja Sphere. Pretty handy.

The Sphere itself can also display notifications and be used to control certain devices with swipes and touches. Specific swipes and touches do different things, it looks to be rather limited because there isn’t a proper display but it seems as though it will suffice for any simple, immediate changes you may want. Preorder now and get a free Smart Tag, this could be your future home!

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