No Bluetooth No GPS – iTraq is an Outstanding Cellular Tracker For Your Belongings

No Bluetooth No GPS – iTraq is an Outstanding Cellular Tracker For Your Belongings

Device tracking is what we all can make good use of sometime in our lives. Whether it’s about tracking your bikes or the luggage at the airport, a device tracker will help you keep a track of your precious belongings no matter where you go. The fact that they are connected to your iPhones only makes the tracking process easy and accessible for today’s tech savvy generation. But to be honest, I think I am still not satisfied with the kind of device trackers we’ve had in the market till date. Primarily because of their small detection radius which can stretch to hundreds of feet maximum since they all use Bluetooth wireless technology for tracking. So once my bike crosses that limit, I am left with no clue as to where it could be next.

Sometimes another user with the same app can help you in tracking but that’s only possible if you have users with the same device tracker around. Given the kind of variety you have in the world of device tracking today, you can’t expect all your neighbors to walk around with the same device tracker, can you? That’s the very reason why I think I should go for an iTraq. This is because this tracker doesn’t work on GPS or Bluetooth. It’s the world’s first cellular tracking device you can use anywhere for keeping a track on your belongings (except Japan and South Korea because they have no GSM network!).

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Efficient Tracking Using Cellular Towers

Unlike its contemporaries, iTraq detects its location using cellular towers and can work anywhere in the world where cellular service exists. It’s not confined within a specific range which is why you’ll get a better range for covering your device and less chances of losing its track on the go. The radius will extend as far and as wide as the cellular towers so that even if your device having an iTraq travels out of the country or the continent, you’ll still be able to track it with equal ease.


Now, most devices which work with GPS technology have been known to consume large battery power but iTraq isn’t one of them. By using Cell-ID technology, iTraq will allow you to adjust how often you’d want your tracker to report, be it once a day or every hour. It can work up to three years without requiring any kind of battery recharge.

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Size No Bigger Than a Credit Card

You won’t have much of a trouble placing iTraq on your everyday accessories as the size of this tracker is no bigger than a credit card. In case you want to track your car, you can always place an iTraq in the glove compartment and be notified of its location as and when you want to. The proprietary software will always keep your iTraq asleep and thus save its battery only for the tracking hours as set up by you.

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The corresponding Android, iOS and Windows App will allow you to track all your iTraqs at once and set your schedules accordingly. That way, you can be notified of your kid’s presence in school every hour whereas your car’s location can be notified to you every two hours on a general working day.

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Already Smashed Its Indiegogo Goal

Using the Guard Mode, you’ll be able to set a specific radius for your item and get notified only when it leaves the designated area. So for example, if your car or your boat leaves the area you specified and you’re not the one riding it, you’ll know an action has to be taken then and there.

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The iTraq is currently available on Indiegogo at a pre-order price of $49 which will include 1 iTraq and 1 adhesive sticker which can be used to place it on a flat surface. iTraq has already surpassed its goal and gained a lot of popularity with more than a month still left for the campaign to end. Get one of these amazing cellular trackers for your precious items now and always stay in touch with them no matter where you travel around the world. Happy Gadgeting!

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