oBravo HAMT-1: A Refined, Natural Design with a Superb, Crisp Sound

oBravo HAMT-1: A Refined, Natural Design with a Superb, Crisp Sound

There are headphones that we mere mortals use on a daily basis. We all have those $20 earbuds but some of us may have splurged for the $300 Beats or equivalent over-ear headphones. I myself rock the A-Audio Legacy on a regular basis and I absolutely love it. But is it ignorant bliss? Am I really hearing the music or have my ears just adjusted to hearing the mediocre sound of typical headphones? Probably. And oBravo sees that as a problem and they’ve gone the route of delivering the best possible package with the best possible sound. It’s called the HAMT-1 and they are built to blow your mind.



The HAMT-1 is definitely one of the most unique designs I’ve ever seen. Given the price point, full retail is over $2000, you will find that these are some of the best made headphones ever. The wood with metal casing is sturdy yet smooth; the wood makes for such a polished feel that you know it’s such high quality. Then there’s the earcups and headband look to be made out of a soft leather. Leather on a pair of headphones absolutely blows my mind but that’s what you should expect from such expensive headphones. There are dual jacks and the headphones lay flat as necessary so you get functionality along with the seriously fantastic looking headphones.


What It Does

As far as the actual audio goes, I’m no expert on how super expensive headphones should sound but what I’ve heard about the HAMT-1 is that they are very warm sounding and have rather detailed sound. The fancy technology behind this specific pair of headphones is called air-motion transform technology. I have no idea what that exactly means (something to do with aluminum strips and folded pleats) but it pushes out the air 5 times faster than headphones without that technology. What exactly does this accomplish? Well, it gives the HAMT-1 a very distinctive sound that leans towards the bass heavy side.

The closed back design also keeps in the sound so you don’t bother anybody around you. The HAMT-1 also comes with headphone jack adapters for different uses. The cables are also detachable for easy storage and travel. As far as top end headphones go, the HAMT-1 certainly carve out their spot with the craftsmanship and sound but are they worth $2000? That’s for you to find out and let me, I definitely like the design though!

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