Struggle with Working on the Move? You Need to See MOBICASE

Struggle with Working on the Move? You Need to See MOBICASE

Working away from your desk means spending less time stuck in the office. Some freelancers don’t even own a desk, preferring to work while they travel the world. But working on the move is not always comfortable. While coffee shops can provide Wi-Fi and warmth, they don’t come with ergonomic seats or wrist support. To make working on the move a little easier, the MOBICASE laptop bag has its own hidden stand. This allows you to find the perfect angle for productivity.

– Lightweight 2-in-1 laptop bag and stand helps you work anywhere

– Protective case holds your laptop and accessories, with optional shoulder strap

– Internal stand lets you adjust your laptop for typing, Skyping and more

Working on the Move

Most office spaces are completely devoid of the human spirit. Rows of identical desks are broken only by the excitement of a watercooler. The temperature is always a degree below comfortable, and gossiping colleagues provide constant background irritations. It’s easy to see why people hate working here. But equally, offices are purpose-built for work.

When you start filing reports from cramped trains and airport lounges, those bland office desks can seem quite appealing. MOBICASE brings together the best of both worlds: complete portability with ergonomic assistance.

[tweet_box]To make working on the move a little easier, the MOBICASE laptop bag has its own hidden stand[/tweet_box]

This case holds your laptop and assorted accessories within a protective shell. When you’re ready to work, you simply flip open the lid and move your laptop to the perfect angle.

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Features Galore

Of course, MOBICASE is much more than merely a stand in a bag. In fact, this case offers a pretty remarkable blend of features.

Made from durable high-density EVA, the outer shell can easily endure the daily subway scrum. This rubbery material surface is then coated to make the case water repellent. In addition, the shell is almost impossible to slash through — that should stop potential thieves.

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On the inside, your laptop is held securely by an anti-shock clip. The internal lining of this case feels soft to the touch, and there are numerous pockets. Along with your laptop, you can also store a tablet, a Bluetooth keyboard, notes, batteries, and more.

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Magnetic clasps offer easy access to your items, and the bag is held together by top-quality YKK zippers. You can carry MOBICASE as a briefcase via the padded handles. Alternatively, you can use the supplied shoulder strap, or attach the bag to your suitcase.

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Standing Ovation

That said, the really clever stuff happens when you sit down to work.

The internal stand mechanism allows you to place your laptop at the ideal angle. This means you can avoid neck strain, and make video calls at a more comfortable height. Furthermore, the case even has air channels to keep your machine cool.

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You can choose from two sizes of MOBICASE, for 13.3-inch and 15-inch laptops respectively. While we would love to see a choice of colors, the gray exterior looks really professional.

“We love escaping the office to work somewhere that inspires us, but getting set up and organised can be a hassle. So we created a bag that actually helps you move quicker, rather than slowing you down. With the MOBICASE you can arrive anywhere, set up and start working ergonomically in under 20 seconds” — Rovingwork on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

If you often have to work away from your desk, this case could really save your neck/back/wrists/entire anatomy!

Future Designs

We would love to see a choice of styles at some point.


– Kickstarter: Until November 18th

– Pledge: $99 USD

– Delivery: February 2018

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