Pocket Onsen De-Stresses You With An “Instant” Japanese Bathing Experience Using Hinoki Aroma Oil

Pocket Onsen De-Stresses You With An “Instant” Japanese Bathing Experience Using Hinoki Aroma Oil

The stimulating effects of a good bath is not unknown to us anymore. From triggering good sleep to fighting cold symptoms, few hours spent well in a relaxing bath tub can do you wonders after a long, tough day at work. For the hectic lifestyle we are accustomed to living today, these warm experiences are a must have in one’s life. There are ways by which you could make your bathing times more luxurious and relaxing with the use of bath spa or fancy faucets or even make use of disco lights. But there’s no natural impact in these flamboyant bath accessories as compared to a Japanese ofuro that can relocate you to an enchanting forest everytime you set forth for a bathing experience. Japanese style of bathing is not only relaxing but a complete life changing episode which eases you from the stressful journey of everyday life in no time.

Adding to this exuberance is the Japanese Onsen which is considered as a vital form of bathing to respite you from the turmoils of the everyday hectic lifestyle we go through. Onsen is the Japanese term for hot spring and as told by PureInsideOut, “The Japanese generally prefer Onsen water, as they believe it has healing powers depending on its mineral properties and content. Onsens often provide several types of baths, differentiated by the presence of different minerals, and their properties.” It’s the ultimate natural spa that can make you energized after undergoing those painful hassles of daily life. Being in Japan for a span of 16 years and working as a designer and producer of Japanese wooden bathtubs (Ofuro), lacopo Torrini decided to make this amazing natural bathing experience affordable for anyone and everyone across the planet. You don’t have to travel all the way to Japan in order to feel this incredible style of bathing anymore. With the pocket onsen on Indiegogo, a Japanese hot spring like bath can now be undergone in your own sweet bath tub itself.

Hinoki aroma oil on Indiegogo

Experience Aromatic Purification of Your Mind and Soul

Hinoki wood is ideal for the Japanese bathing style which is generally the primary element behind the construction of ofuro. It is believed that once hot water comes in contact with the Hinoki wood, it ushers aromatic purification of your whole body and relaxes you and your soul from any stress or tension you’re going through. This is more like the magical experience of a therapeutic walk down a green forest that can truly make you feel more strong as an individual and perfectly calm to go through the hassles of life with ease. But to feel this kind of magic you need the presence of an ofuro which is usually extremely expensive to fit into your standard budget. Will the chances of enjoying this natural spa be buried in your thoughts forever? Not anymore with the pocket onsen coming into the limelight which is nothing but an aromatic Hinoki oil that can let you go through this admirable experience everyday on your own bath tub.

Hinoki wood orbs

Japanese Spa-Like Setup At Home

A normal acrylic or ceramic bathtub can easily be incorporated with the ofuro like setup using wood blocks, balls or wood chips. But a fair large amount would be required to bring that ultimate soaking experience in a wooden bath tub. The pocket onsen claims to solve that problem by penetrating the oil in a few wooden orbs which can then bring that same experience of lying under a Japanese hot spring everytime you go for a relaxing bath.  The interesting aspect of pocket onsen is the fact that it’s obtained from the distillation of shavings from 250-300 years old hinoki which is the very same wood used to build the famous Japanese hinoki wood bathtubs. So, the exact essence of true Hinoki aroma will dominate your spa venture without spending that much of money. As compared to commercially available timber, this oil has the mesmerising aroma of old Hinoki wood shavings which is definitely stronger and better. It’s also spicy and sweeter than the hinoki oil developed from young trees.

Hinoki aroma oil

The benefits of this oil is way beyond imagination. It can not only relax your mind and soul but also offers bactericidal/fungicidal properties as well as provide care and prevention against skin infections, including eczema. Currently, a pledge of $38 on the corresponding Indiegogo campaign will give you 1 bottle of special reserve Hinoki oil (10 mm), 3 Hinoki wood orbs contained in a Kimono built fabric pouch. The higher the pledge, the more options you get to choose from. Perfect gift for your friends or family to spend a relaxing day in the bath tub with the aromatic charm of Hinoki around. Sayonara and Happy Gadgeting!

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