Samsung Gear VR is the Future of Media Consumption for Consumers Everywhere!

Samsung Gear VR is the Future of Media Consumption for Consumers Everywhere!

Virtual reality seems to be the next big push in media consumption. Facebook bought a company called Oculus Rift to begin its own virtual reality device as they anticipate a huge wave of demand for such technology in the near future. But what does that give us now? A bunch of maybes and nothing concrete unless you’re a fancy developer, right? Not so fast! Samsung, as they always do, has decided to create their own version of a virtual reality headset and, as they always do, managed to make a pretty decent product. It’s called the Samsung Galaxy VR and it’s available to all of us right now!



The Samsung Galaxy VR is a strange looking device but it’s actually quite subtle and attractive compared to some of its competitors. And to be fair, most early adapters of this technology won’t be wearing it outside their house so it could look like anything as long as it gave the desired effect.

As far as how to wear the Samsung Galaxy VR, it’s quite simple. Just strap it to your face, right over those eyeballs and you’re done.


What It Does

Here’s the biggest caveat to the Samsung Galaxy VR: it only works with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Why? Because Samsung likes to tie down their devices to only work with other Samsung devices. Also, the Note 4 may be the only Samsung phone that is powerful enough at this point. Either way, something to remember. Once you have your Note 4 ready to go, all you have to do is dock it in the Samsung Galaxy VR. It’s still not the most intuitive system ever but it is miles ahead of any other system out there. But let’s skip to the interesting part: the virtual reality.

Basically, the Samsung Galaxy VR puts you into whatever app or game you’re using. Rather than moving a mouse and clicking, you point your head at stuff and select it. There are a few games where this really comes into focus and makes the experience truly immersive. But don’t think the games are where all the fun is. The apps, like Netflix and YouTube, are just as immersive. Even cooler are the notifications. For now, you can’t really act on them but they do pop up in your peripheral and reveal more info when you look at them. Very cool stuff indeed but recommended mostly for the crazy people who already bought a Samsung Galaxy VR!

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